Saturday, April 09, 2005

No Longer the Grand Old Party

Ann Coulter once said anyone with an IQ above that of a toaster has already decided if he was a Conservative or a liberal by the age of fourteen. Accordingly, I was more Conservative than most of my peers by the time I entered high school.

In one of my high school classes, the teacher wrote a list of the basic issues of both parties on the blackboard. I saw I agreed with most all of the Republican platform issues and few, if any of the democratic issues.

For the most part, I’ve stayed a true Republican, ever since. I did stray form the Republican path briefly when I supported abortion. That was only because I had bought into the myth of overpopulation and because it was mostly liberal women having abortions. I’ve long since repented of supporting that form of infanticide.

Over the years, I’ve discovered how destructive and anti-American the liberal ideology truly is. The democratic party appeals to their supporters via class envy and by promising government handouts that will be paid for by the “rich”.

When I was in the first grade, I would sometimes steal toys from the other kids thinking it wasn’t “fair” that they had better toys than I had. I often wouldn’t even keep the toys and threw them away. My thinking being if I couldn’t have them, no one could.

I’ve long since grown out of that way of thinking. Unfortunately, most liberals haven’t and want to punish anyone with more than they have even if it doesn’t benefit them.

Another big reason I’m not a democrat is they’re anti-gun. While claiming they only want to “control” guns their real agenda is to have them banned and confiscated. I’ll call any gun control advocate a liar to their face if they claim otherwise.

Unfortunately, since I registered as a Republican back in the eighties, some in the Republican Party are taking on some of the corrupt beliefs of the democrats. An recent example of this is how the California Republican leadership ignored Tom McClintock, a true Republican and jumped on the Arnold Schwarzenegger bandwagon, A “Republican” who supports abortion, gun control and homosexual adoption. I also won’t vote for or trust any “Republican” who would marry a democrat. It’s getting to the point where I’m seriously considering switching to another party. One democratic party is enough.


Blogger Mark Ehrlich said...

GREAT post Robot! You definately hit the nail right on the head (as usual)! ... and welcome to the world of the "Pajama People"

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