Monday, May 01, 2017

Riot On (It Works for Them)

Apparently, conservatives have been doing protests all wrong. When we’re opposed to a goofy political or social policy we contact our congressman or write a letter to the editor. If we do protest, we do it peaceably. The Anarchist/Marxists on the other hand often riot, vandalize property and block streets and freeways.

However, rioting seems to be working for them. After they rioted several times to protest several shootings of black criminals by police and a legally-armed citizen, Obama’s Justice Department started meddling into the affairs of city police agencies.

The animals vandalized and burned property in response to the appearance of queer “Conservative” commentator Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley several months ago. I don’t think Milo should be considered a “Conservative” icon, but the rioting should not have been tolerated.

Because of the rioting, the appearance of David Horrowitz of was cancelled because the university said they couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) guarantee the safety of Horrowitz and the audience. A few months later when (somewhat) conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter was invited to speak by the UC Berkeley College Republicans, the university cancelled the event for the same reasons.

Of course, Ann being Ann planned to come and speak anyway. To their credit, the College Republicans filled a lawsuit over the cancellation of the event. I’d even planned to attend. After another sponsor of the event, the Young Americans for Freedom backed out of their sponsorship, the even was canceled to good and the animals won again.

There was a Facebook meme posted sometime last year that said, “If Conservatives were as violent as Liberals claimed they were, there would be no more Liberals”.

While I wouldn’t want Conservatives to go that far, sometimes I almost wish we would whack a few violent liberal protestors.

Of course, if we did that, the liberals in power wouldn’t allow police to be as lenient as they are with liberal protestors.


Thursday, November 03, 2016

I’m selling out and voting for The Fraud (For now)

I’m selling out and voting for The Fraud (For now)

I’m ashamed to admit that after months of being a Never(EVER)Trump, it’s starting to look like I may vote for The Fraud. It disgusts me to even look at the words I just typed and I know I may lose some #nevertrump FB friends.

I don’t dislike Trump, if anything, my problem is more with his supporters. I can’t see why they voted for this fraud when there were at least two good Republican candidates running. I can excuse (to a point) the people who began to support him after he won the Republican primary, but as for the people who voted for him in the primaries, WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? Don’t give me that load of B.S. about trump not being a politician and his being an “outsider”. If he’s running for office, he’s a POLITICIAN. If he’s funding politicians, he’s NOT an “outsider”.

Trump pretty much changes his position on an issue every time he buys a new suit, or new wife for that matter, he’s attacked and even lied about other Republicans, he’s donated money to Demoncrats and has spoken about what good friends he is with the Clintons, THE CLINTONS!!! I can see having a liberal friend or two (actually, no I can’t, liberals are degenerate pukes), but the Clintons are useless, barely-human Marxists.

Yet Trump would have us believe he’s “changed his mind” since those long ago (i.e. four years ago) events and that he now hates HilLIARy and sees her as unfit for the presidency (Even though he thought she was doing a good job as Secretary of State). The Storm Trumpers take this fraud at his word and treasure his verbal farts as if they were the writings of Our Founding fathers.

I highly suspect The Fraud has no intention of actually winning the election and his only reason for entering this race, other than self-promotion and perhaps gaining publicity for his next “reality” TV show is to divide the Republican party and get his BFF HilLIARy into office.

At the time of this writing, The Fraud is behind in the polls (Of course, as expected, his worshippers claim the polls are liberal lies) and stands about as much of a chance at winning the presidency as I have of waking up blond tomorrow morning. Should he pull even with HilLIARy he’ll excrete another verbal fart or another recording of him saying something stupid will “leak” in an attempt to turn some of his worshippers against him. Not to worry, he could make fun of a disabled person and his worshippers would excuse him. Never mind, he’s already been there and done that.

So, why am I considering voting for him? Trump has made several promises he has no intention of keeping, promises he doesn’t think he’ll ever be in the position to keep. However, HilLIARy will try to keep hers and her intention is to continue the liberal agenda of destroying this country.

Trump is only in this race to help himself (and HilLIARy). Should he win, he’ll do what’s good for Trump, and perhaps some of what’s good for Trump may also benefit the country. Rest assured, if he loses he’ll go back to funding Demoncrats, openly hanging out with the Clintons and trading whore-hopping war stories with Bill.

While I may vote for Trump, I’m still hoping for the giant meteor.


Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Three More USELESS California Gun Laws

Three new, silly and USELESS anti-gun laws take effect this year in California. Two of them in fact, are downright dangerous.

AB 1014 is the least silly of the new laws. This law will allow family members to ask a judge to temporarily remove a relative’s firearms if they can show evidence the person is a threat to others.

There’s no explanation of what that evidence will be and obviously it can be misused.

SB 199 requires airsoft and pellet guns to have bright markings so it won’t be mistaken for a real gun in public. The imbeciles in the State Senate came up with this dumb-assed idea after a few fools were shot by police after displaying a realistic-looking gun in public AND not following police orders to drop the weapon.

I have a few airsoft guns that came with the gay-looking bright orange barrels. Whenever I buy one of these, the first thing I do when I get home is paint the barrels black (or colored, if you’re politically correct). Obviously, I don’t take them out and wave them around in public.

The dangerous part of this is criminals can easily paint bright colors on real guns to make police hesitate before shooting them. Most police aren’t fools and realize this, so when someone points a weapon at them, brightly-colored or not, the idiot is probably going to get shot and justifiably so. Of course should that happen the anti-police activists will snivel and whine and claim he was “murdered” by police.

SB 707, the most dumb-assed and dangerous of the new laws should be called the “Come shoot up our school” law. California already has a ban on carrying firearms within 1000 feet of a school or college campus (I’m not sure what that means for people living within 1000 feet of a school). There was an exception for people with CCW permits. This new law does away with the exception.

Apparently these mindless, cowardly fools think someone intent of committing a mass murder at a school will come to a screeching halt 1000 feet from the campus and slink back to his home.

For obvious reasons, this moronic law is an open invitation to a mass shooter. Perhaps that’s the intent. A few more mass shootings and the left thinks it will get more people to agree with their primary agenda, a total ban on gun ownership and eventual confiscation.



Saturday, July 04, 2015

Land of the freaks, home of the gays.

Unless you're a fudge-packer or a Marxist there's not a whole lot to celebrate this Independence Day. The Babylonians are inside the gate and the country has finally become The Great Satan.

The ONE saving grace is the decision to allow queer "marriage" was made by five degenerates in black robes (dresses?) and that the majority of Americans still view queer "marriage" as unnatural.

But on a lighter note...just joking there IS no lighter note. The country is finished.


Monday, February 16, 2015

A Few Words on the Death Penalty (SPOILER ALERT: I’m for it!!!)

Several nights ago I was listening to a podcast on true crime. The host was interviewing the author of a book about a serial killer. Personally, I think anyone who has murdered multiple people should automatically get the death penalty. The only exception should be gangsters who have only murdered other gangsters and then become government informants.

Both the host and the author are opposed to the death penalty, even for the animal who was the subject of the night’s show.

These two simple-minded eunuchs repeated the usual load of gibberish farted out by the anti-death penalty crowd, “It’s not a deterrent”, “An innocent person may be executed”, “It’s too expensive”, “Life in prison is a greater punishment”, etc. Excuse the language (or don’t) these chicken**** cowards piss me off to no end and I come very, VERY close to wishing these idiots would become the victims of one of these animals. For the life of me, I can’t see the logic of having sympathy for these murderous savages.

I’ll address answer the death penalty myths I mentioned in order.

1)“It’s not a deterrent.”

I have yet to see a person who was properly executed ever commit a crime again. The purpose of the death penalty is both punishment and removing a murderous animal from civilized society. The death penalty would be more of a deterrent if the animals were actually executed in a timely manner. This Country doesn’t need electric chairs, This Country needs electric bleachers to catch up with the amount of murderers on death row.

2)“An innocent person may be executed.”

The anti-death penalty simpletons have yet to find any innocent person who was ever executed in recent times. By “recent times” I mean since the death penalty has been reestablished several decades ago.

3)“It’s too expensive.”

Really? The mindless fools who insist on endless and irrelevant appeals are complaining about how expensive the process is??? Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining. Here’s a thought, how about limiting appeals to no longer than two years and even then, the appeals should be relevant in proving the criminal is actually innocent. Not appeals because the DA yawned during the murderers’ testimony.

4)“Life in prison is prison is more punishment, because they’ll sit in prison crying because of the guilt they feel”.

Now I’m sure not even the biggest fool among the anti-death penalty crowd believes that load of nonsense. If criminals thought life in prison was a greater punishment, why would they be getting their lawyers to file numerous, irrelevant appeals? These animals, most of them anyway don’t feel guilt.

The clown on this show said in the case of some killers, i.e. child killers, the other criminals would punish the murderer. That’s even cowardly for an anti-death penalty fool. We don’t send criminals to prison to be punished by other criminals, some of them may be bigger animals than the one they’re “punishing.

Again, the anti-death penalty clowns don’t really believe life in prison is a greater punishment, they feel they’re appealing to the “cruelty” of death penalty supporters, they feel if we think life in prison punishes them more, we’ll support it.

Two more things, the author being interviewed brings up the case of a person who’s been in prison several decades for a crime “he didn’t commit”. I don’t know the details of the case, but the author claims the “real murderer” came forward. I have a wee hunch that this “real murderer” didn’t leave his cushy job and comfortable home to confess to a crime he had gotten away scott free with. I’m betting this is the case of some convict, who’s already serving a life sentence and has no chance of being freed by even the most idiotic of OJ-type juries. I’d also bet he’s being rewarded in some way by some anti-death penalty activist group. Perhaps with a life-long supply of cigarettes, prison money, or perhaps conjugal visits by some prison groupie, anti-death penalty activist. Of curse I’m just speculating.

Another thing about the anti-death penalty crowd is the vast majority of them are pro-abortion.

Some anti-death penalty activists like to ask if death penalty supporters would be willing to execute a person. I say sign me up, but I wonder how many of them would be willing to perform an abortion. They’ll most likely lie and tell you they’re not pro-abortion, but “pro-choice”.

I’d tell them, I’m pro-choice too and support allowing a person to live (or die) with the consequences of their choice.

And lastly, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I really despise these people.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monterey Peninsula Republican Women’s groups, still infested with RINOs

Several days ago I went to a Republican women’s luncheon. More than a dozen years ago I used to attend these luncheons regularly until I found out that the Republican women’s clubs in Monterey County were infested with RINOs.

Back in either ’98 or ’99 when there was a battle between RINOs and real Republicans for control of the Monterey County Republican Central Committee, many of the “Republican’ women in these groups sided with the RINOs. During one of the meetings back then, one of the pitiful RINO airheads asked a guest speaker, “What are we going to do about these Conservative Christians? We can’t win elections with them.”

The RINOs eventually won control of the committee and I lost my seat. In fact, I was beaten like a bad puppy.

Now I only attend these meeting when they have a guest speaker that sounds interesting. For this luncheon, they had a woman who represented the Election Integrity project, a group that tries to fight voter fraud.

I was elated to see pro-life pamphlets on each of the tables. During previous luncheons, I found there were many pro-abortion women among these “Republican” women. I find this interesting because the vast majority of the women in these groups are far, far beyond child-bearing age.

My elation was short-lived when I found that one of my pro-life friends had placed the pamphlets and not by anyone officially associated with the Republican women’s group.

One of the women at my table began to talk about the RINO who will be running against Comrade Jerry Brown in the gubernatorial race. She quoted him as saying not all Republicans will agree with all of his positions, (translated that means, he’ll sell out on all of the important social issues) and that we should come together to “save’ California.

She went on to ramble about how we can’t win elections if “we” keep listening to the “Right-Wing”. Another woman chimed in, “Oh yes, the social issues are breaking up the Party.” The first woman said she’s pro-life but she would vote for a pro-abortion candidate so we can win elections on the fiscal issues, going on about the “big tent” gibberish.

Frankly, the Republican tent is getting too damn big when start selling out on abortion, queer “marriage” and opposition to illegal aliens.

By the way, most of the social issues RINOs and liberals (but I repeat myself) claim are “divisive” were just considered common sense 20-30 years ago. Up until recently, not even a Democrat would openly support queer “marriage”

Basically, the Monterey Peninsula Republican women’s groups are just as infested with RINOs as they were back at the turn of the century. After the meeting, I spoke with my pro-life friend, telling him California is a lost cause and I want to move out of this cursed state. He tells me I should have faith and that there is still hope for this state. If it weren’t for the good people who still live here (and because I still live here) there’s few things I would like to see more than California go up a huge mushroom cloud.


At least the speaker was good.



Thursday, May 29, 2014

Race-Activists Spearheading the War On Police

Several months ago I wrote a piece about the Right-Wing war against police. Several people pointed out that the “Conservatives” who hate police are usually more Libertarian than actual Conservatives. Nevertheless, while there are some “Conservatives” and Libertarians who hate police, NO ONE hates police more that left-wing race-activists do.

No matter how many murders and other violent crimes are committed in the ‘hoods and barrios, nothing upsets the hood rats more and gets them screaming into the streets than for them to hear about a fellow hood rat being shot by police. And where would expression of moral outrage be without the left-wing race-activists and ambulance-chasing lawyers.

You can always count on the race-activists to whip up the simple-minded masses into a frenzy by screaming “RACISM DISCRIMINATION, SOCIAL INJUSTICE!!! SEND MORE GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!!!” And the masses, acting like trained seals follow along and chant whatever inane gibberish their keepers tell them too.

And that’s the situation we now have in Salinas California. Over the two months or so, there have been three incidents where police have fatally shot three armed people. (I got a kick out of one of the news articles posted online which read “police shoot unarmed man, armed with garden sheers) I believe those three are the only fatal shooting in Salinas so far. There have been over a dozen gang-related murders in Salinas this year and not a peep from the mob. There’s not a whole lot a race-activist can make money on when a Hispanic murders another Hispanic.

One note here, the barrio rats and the race activists are screaming racism because all three of the people shot by police were Hispanic. For those of you reading this from outside of the area, Salinas is about 70% Hispanic and nearly ALL of the gang-related shootings in Salinas are done by and against Hispanics.

Indeed, for them to play up Hispanic on Hispanic violence would mean they would have to actually address the issue and admit that not all the problems in the barrio (if any) are the result of White racism. The same applies to the two primary black racial-activist windbags (I suspect you all know the windbags I’m speaking of) who very rarely address the issue of black on black crime.

Speaking of crime in the ‘hood/barrio, when a hood rat murders another hood rat, nary a witness will step forward. When a hood rat is shot by police not only are there numerous witnesses, but hood rats who were nowhere near the incident will put down their 40 oz can of malt liquor long enough to tell you the “facts” about what happened. They’ll also give you their opinion, based on their years of law-enforcement experience, gained from watching cop movies and what they’ve been told by their friends and family members who’ve been arrested on how police should have handled an incident.

During a protest that turned into a riot last week in Salinas, a man was shot. When police arrived and started CPR on the man (who later died) one of the barrio rats threw a bottle at the officer, striking him in the head. And as usual, there were no witnesses to the shooting, or the assault on the police officer.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the Chief of Police for Salinas is asking for help from the U.S. Department of Justice's Community Relations Service. I know the chief is a very busy person, especially now, but he should notice that the US DOJ is run by Socialist activist, who was appointed by a Marxist, race-activist president. The only thing worse than a local, left-wing race-activist is a federal left-wing, race-activist.

I’m betting this won’t turn out well for the Salinas Police Department.



Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Queer Little Conspiracy Theory

A Queer Little Conspiracy Theory

Last week, it was mentioned in the press several times that the military was encouraging more service members to report sexual assaults. The reports were saying while there were more women reporting sexual assaults they wanted more men to report them. The idea being that most assaults aren’t being reported.

I have a theory on why they want more reports from male service members. As you know Obama and his team of degenerates have allowed queers to serve openly in the military. Obviously there will be more men being sexually assaulted by the perverts.

When those assaults do increase, the homo lobby will claim that it isn’t because of sodomites openly serving, it’s because the military has encouraged men to report the assaults, they were afraid to report in the past.

Seeking more reports from men is just another way to make excuses for the damage that will result from having fudge-packers serving openly in Our armed services.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pro-Flag Rally: 5 May 2014

On May 5th 2010, AKA: Cinco de Mayo (Also referred to as Sinko de Drinko), several students at the Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill California decided to wear American Flag t-shirts.

The school principal told the students they either had to change their t-shirts or turn them inside out. The principal, while he would never admit it, knows that radical Mexican and Hispanic activists would be extremely likely to confront and at least verbally attack the students wearing the t-shirts.

Had the date been March 19th, St Patrick’s Day, would the principal have told the students to change their shirts? Of course not. While many Irish Americans celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Irish Americans consider themselves AMERICANS and would not get upset over seeing an AMERICAN FLAG t-shirt warn on an AMERICAN school campus.

The parents of the students sued the school and when it reached the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, the court ruled that school had the right to restrict the students’ freedom of speech if it was to ensure student “safety”.

In response to the court ruling, the Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots group organized a pro-freedom of speech/pro-Flag rally to be held in front of the Live Oak school on 5 May 2014.

Of course, not unexpectedly the liberal Latino activists had a fit, trying to get the rally banned because of supposed threats to student “safety”. This may come at a surprise to you, but the left-wing, race activists accused the planners of the rally of being “racists”. Generally when some fool starts spouting off about “racism”, you can ignore anything else they say.

Morgan Hill is less than an hour from where I live, so I made plans on attending. I ordered an American Flag t-shirt for the event. That is, a t-shirt with an image of a Flag, not a t-shirt made from an American Flag (My reason for making the distinction will become clear later).

After responding to several online postings about the event, I made contact with Georgine Scott-Codiga, the organizer of the event, and obtained the location for the meeting place.

People participating in the rally were to agree to not speak with the press or anti-Flag protestors during the rally, as to not disturb the students arriving at school. The Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots were also limited to have no more than 50 people or they would need to buy a permit (I think I was number 42).

When we arrived at the high school, or rather in front of it, we were given 3’x5’ American Flags to hold. We lined up on both sides of the street, away from the school bus stop. The school had a covered chain link fence in front of the school and there were about a dozen or more police officers on scene.

I was expecting the anti-Flag protestors to be there, but I heard they instead were going to stay away and have their protest at another location, later in the day. I’m assuming the leaders of the race-activists know how hard it is for their ilk to behave and didn’t want them causing an incident with the Patriots on camera, and there were plenty of news people.

They tried to interview several of us and Georgine told them we wouldn’t do any interviews until after the rally at 8:15.

During the rally, several people passing by honked their horns in support of us, and of course, several people gave us the finger.

There was one strange white guy who was at the far end of the rally, waving a Mexican flag and singing “God bless America”. The press swarmed him and spoke with him for a bit. At the other far end of the rally were several bare-chested students (?) (Male unfortunately) who were offering free donuts. They were holding a sign that read “Democratic Party, Republican Party Donut Party”. I have no idea what their deal was.

Other than that, at least as far as I could see the Rally was uneventful. We got our point across and we weren’t attacked.


On one of the online articles about the event, one fool claimed in the comments section that wearing a t-shirt with an image of The Flag on it violated the rules for display of The Flag. I told the mindless idiot that only applied to making a t-shirt of an actual flag.


Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Right-Wing War against Police

Am I the only one who’s noticing the disturbing trend of police-bashing by “Conservatives”? Hatred of the police by liberals, while irritating is pretty much expected. I personally think that’s due to the basic cowardice of liberals. Liberals admire criminals because they would also like to break laws, but fear being caught and punished.

As for “Conservatives”, it’s as if many of them have taken up smoking dope and have lost completely lost the ability for rational thought (And yes, I still think dopers should be lined up and shot, and I don’t really care if they’re lined-up first).

You may have seen some of the same videos I’ve viewed, where only a PORTION of an incident is shown, often only the part where the police have had to use force on some resisting violator. Many of the comments under the video are by cop-bashing fools who think they’re experts how police should respond to an incident.

There’s the video (Actually, several still photos) of a female jogger who’s being arrested by police. According the official story (And no, conspiracy goofballs, “official” story doesn’t mean “cover” story (necessarily), it means the story uncovered by investigators who were actually there, and not by armchair, wannabe police review board members watching a video on YouTube) the woman was jaywalking and was refusing to cooperate with the police.

Oddly, none of the photos show a physical confrontation between the airhead and the officers. Of course that didn’t stop the cop-bashers from attacking the police, accusing them of “brutalizing this ditz over a traffic violation. Clue, if you resist the police, whether it’s a traffic violation, or a triple murder, they’re not going to just drop their heads, mutter “ah shucks” and head off to the nearest donut shop (Or if they’re in California, a whole-wheat bagel shop), THEY’RE GOING TO USE FORCE TO ARREST YOU!!!. And by the way, resisting police is a whole new charge.

There’s another video of a police shooting on a highway, taken by a person with a cell phone camera as he’s held up in traffic because of the incident. In this incident, police were attempting to get a deranged man (or perhaps he was some “sovereign citizen” who thought he had the natural “right” to travel in the middle of the highway and hold up traffic) to leave the roadway. The man bolts toward a patrol vehicle (where the police shotgun or patrol rifle is mounted), and enters it. The police opened fire, killing the nutcase. (I should add here that if I’m held up in traffic because of some nut, I might be tempted to shoot him myself) The police say he was either attempting to remove one of the long guns or could have removed the gun.

The armchair police experts screamed “murder” and said the deranged man couldn’t remove the gun(s) because they were locked in the vehicle. The “experts” claim he could have been tased instead of shot. Morons, the long guns are able to be removed under the right circumstances by a person in the vehicle. How do you think police officers remove the weapons?

Then there are the people who snivel and whine about the “militarization” of police. These people are prone to hyperventilating when they see photos of police officers equipped with tactical gear and armored vehicles. Usually these photos are either taken at the scenes of critical incidents, or the equipment is being displayed for the public. (Upon seeing one such photo, a person said the police standing beside the vehicle looked, “thuggish” ???!) I had a discussion with a person on Facebook recently who was upset over a police department having a *gasp* BLACK unmarked car. I wonder if he would have been as upset if the unmarked patrol vehicle was white. Sounds like vehicular color discrimination to me.

Usually the people who get all butt hurt over police tactical equipment are the same ones who think any law-abiding citizen should be able to own fully-automatic weapons. I too fall into that category, but I also think police should all the equipment to deal with a heavily armed criminal.

Many of these people think the Colored Communist in the White House will one day snap his fingers and all of the nation’s police will enforce martial law, take over cities and round up Conservatives, Christians and gun owners for transport to FEMA concentration camps.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW The Mocha Marxist and his fellow Progressive Caucus collaborators would LOVE to do that and in fact, have erotic dreams about that at night, but I seriously doubt he’s going to be able to do that before he leaves office.

I’m confident (for the time being, at least) that even if he gave such an order, few local police agencies would follow it. Contrary to what “conservative” police-bashers will tell you, police want to go after actual criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

Left-wing propagandists like the Southern Poverty Law Center are trying to convince police that Conservatives and gun owners are a bunch of dangerous crackpots. Claiming police are the “enemy”, posting police-bashing videos and articles, i.e. “When Should You Shoot a Cop”, which I’ve seen just today, are only helping the left in turning police against Conservatives.


Monday, November 04, 2013

Blacks, Coloreds and Negroes (and Negresses) Oh my!

Blacks,Coloreds and Negroes (and Negresses) Oh My.

Some people may think I'm a bit slow, so can someone tell me why saying people of color is perfectly fine but saying colored people is "racist"? If you want some real entertainment (I wouldn't advise this if you're not a colored,...pardon me, person of color) try using the word "negress" when referring to a colored female.

I admit, the term "colored" is a bit outdated, but racist? Definitely not! Years ago when I was probably 10-12 years old, I was watching the series Adam 12 with my mother. In this episode, a man had been held up and the officers asked him to describe the robber. When the man answered "He was colored." they asked him what color was he. I asked my mother what did that mean and she told me some people were offended by the term "colored".

She didn't think the term colored was any big deal and went on to explain that most American blacks are "colored" because the vast majority of us have other races mixed in (on my mother's side, we have Indian (Feather head, not dot head) French and Irish blood mixed in). She said that the only true "blacks" were African blacks.

From then on, I had no problem with being called colored. Back then I wasn't too crazy about the term Negro, it sounded too much like the other N word, especially when pronounced the way LBJ used to say it (Negrahs).

Indeed, the most racialist black (or colored or Negro) organization in the Country, the NAACP still hasn't changed its name to the NAAAAP (National Association for the Advancement of African-American People), so apparently they have no problem with the use of of the term colored either. That is unless it's a White Republican saying it.

Then we have the term "Negress". I first heard the term on Star Trek when Abraham Lincoln (For you people educated in public schools and the Northeastern University of Illinois, he was the Republican president who ended slavery) was beamed aboard The Enterprise. When he saw Lt Uhura he exclaimed "a charming negress" (and Lt Uhura was definitely that). Kirk and Uhura took a double take at old Abe and he apologized. I've heard the term negress a few times (and granted, only a few) since then and it wasn't taken as an insult.

What's the big deal? There's the term Latino for a male and Latina for a female, Filipino for a male and Filipina for a woman, so why not Negro for a colored male and Negress for a colored female?

There are just some people who take it as their mission in life to find any silly reason to be offended.

Negrah please!


Arrow Vs Guns

Arrow Vs Guns

Strike One for the series Arrow (Generally, after three strikes, i stop watching a series). This latest episode shoveled out a heavy dose of anti-gun propaganda.

A new gang leader in The Glades of Star City has armed his gang with stolen U.S. Military M-4 assault rifles (Yes, I mean assault rifles in the technical definition and not the semi-auto weapons the anti-gun pukes are trying to ban).

To combat the increase of gun violence, Oliver Queen/Arrow funds a gun "buy-back" program. The term "buy-back" is a misnomer. You can't "buy-back" a gun you never owned in the first place.

As a tool for fighting gun violence, gun "buy back" programs are less than useless. Queen/Arrow seems to be fairly intelligent and appears to have some knowledge of the criminal mind. Does he really think that The Mayor or any other thug is going to turn in his gun, especially an M-4 assault rifle for cash. Why would a hoodlum turn in their gun for a one time cash payment when they can use them multiple times to steal cash?

The gang leader, who calls himself The Mayor gives a speech to his crew that could have been written by Sarah Brady, in which he says he was a weak man until he got his assault rifles.

Aside from this one episode, and the fact that the Oliver Queen/(Green) Arrow character has been re-written to the point to where he's barely recognizable from the original DC Comics Green Arrow (more on that later), it is a good and entertaining series.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out of the closet and into your child's locker room

Several weeks, Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown signed a bill into law that will allow cross dressers in public schools to play on sports teams and use facilities, INCLUDING RESTROOMS AND LOCKER ROOMS based on the gender they “identify” with.

While I’m thoroughly disgusted with this law, being that this is California and Jerry Brown we’re talking about, I’m not at all surprised. This is the state that went against the vote of the people and went to the US Supreme Court in order to overturn a law against queer “marriage”

If I’m to understand this law correctly, a boy who “identifies” himself as being a girl can play on a girl’s soccer team and then use the same shower with them after the game is over. One has to be a complete fool, or a liberal (same thing) to not see anything wrong with that.

Here’s some information for parents of “transgender” (cross dressing) children, if your child was born with male parts, but he “identifies” himself as female, HE’S A FREAK and has serious mental issues. Don’t be an enabler of the goofball’s fantasies, get him some friggin’ help!

If your child is a blond-haired, blue-eyed white boy of Norwegian and German ancestry, but he “identifies” himself as being Negro, are you going to let him check the box for African American in his college application so he can get into a college under their affirmative action program?

Another thing to think about, a normal guy who claims to “identify” himself as a female, so he could shower with females would have a rather obvious, physical reaction arise once in the shower with them.

No problem. All he has to say is that while he “identifies” himself as being female, he is also a lesbian.



Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Michael Savage sells out George Zimmerman for ratings

Michael Savage sells out Zimmerman for ratings

At least that’s how I see it.

Last week Conservative talk show host Michael savage proclaimed “You have to find this man guilty. A thinking person would see that the only thing Zimmerman is “guilty” of is defending himself against a thug. But unfortunately for Savage, most Conservative talk show hosts are thinking people and believe the same Zimmerman only defended himself. If Savage were to just agree with them he wouldn’t get much attention.

For him to stick out, he would have to say something contrary to what the other talk hosts are saying. To do that he has to smear Zimmerman, abandon common sense and display his lack of knowledge about guns and their use in self defense.

Savage claims that while on the phone with the 911 operator, Zimmerman remarks “f**** coon”, proving Zimmerman is a racist. Other people listening to the same tape believe Zimmerman said “f**** cold”. I haven’t heard the tape but being as Zimmerman is in either his late 20’s or mid 30’s, I doubt he would have used the outdated “coon” racial slur, especially when talking to a 911 operator.

Savage claims because Zimmerman was carrying his gun, a Kel Tec PF9 with the safety off and a round in the chamber, he was “hunting for someone to shoot or intimidate with his gun”.

If savage, who claims to have done more research than anyone else about this case had bothered to research the technical details of the Kel Tec PF9, he would know that it DOESN’T HAVE A SAFETY. The Kel Tec PF9 is double-action only and apparently has a very long and heavy trigger pull. As for a round being in the chamber, except for The Army Military Police, why in the hell would you carry a gun for defense and NOT HAVE A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER???

If you know any police officers who carry a semi-auto weapon ask them if they carry a round in the chamber. Also, with a double-action semi-auto, there is no need to carry it with the safety on.

Lastly, Savage claims that because Zimmerman only received minor injuries, he didn’t need to shoot Martin. I don’t think I need to explain that the goal of self defense is to put down your attacker BEFORE you’re seriously injured. I think Zimmerman would have had difficulty shooting Martin, if he had waited until Martin had beaten him unconscious.

If you listen to Savage much, and he usually does a great show, you’ll notice that about the only time he mentions other Conservative talk show hosts is to bash them. Most other Conservative talk show hosts are friendly with their Conservative competition, sometimes even having them on their show. Not Savage.

I think Savage is only taking this position, which is contrary to common sense is because he wants to stick out from the other Conservative talk show hosts and increase his ratings.



Friday, May 10, 2013

Will the Abortion Lobby Support Murder charges for Ariel Castro? Probably Not

You may have heard that Ariel Castro, kidnapper and rapist may also be charged with murder. I've a hunch that won't happen and the main people fighting against murder charges will be those in the abortion lobby. One of Castro's victims was impregnated 5 times due to being raped by Castro. Each time Castro murdered the pregnant girl's child by punching the girl in the stomach. For there to be a murder charge, it would have to be acknowledged that the unborn fetus is in fact, a human being ( I would argue that an unborn fetus is more of a human being than most liberals, but I digress), the one thing the abortion lobby would NEVER admit. One may say Castro should be charged with murder because of the brutal way the children were aborted. An ethical person would consider abortion using a chemical that burns the fetus, or ramming a pair of scissors into the back of a fetus' head and vacuuming the brains out to be fairly brutal. Some of the less fanatical pro-abortion folks may say Castro should be charged with murder because it wasn't the girl's choice that her baby be aborted. I would respond, "So you mean if a woman chooses to murder her unborn child, then it isn't murder? as Robot would say, "That does not compute"" Ariel Castro is an animal. If his crimes stopped at kidnapping three girls, that alone should be enough to execute him. The fact that he also raped them should definitely earn him the death penalty. The murder of the five unborn children should cinch the case for executing him. P.S., I know Castro hasn't been convicted or even tried yet so if you want to mentally preface "allegedly" to my comments, go ahead. As for me I would have no problem putting a few rounds in the back of his head. Robot 831-241-4767

Monday, November 05, 2012

Selling Out

I confess I’m selling out. Granted, it’s not my first time. When my former heroine, Ann Coulter hopped into bed with the queer lobby and spoke at the Homocon event a while back, I stated I would NEVER buy any of her books again. I had planned to finish reading the books of hers I had already purchased and never buy anything written by her again. But then I bought her book Mugged and I will probably continue to buy her books even though she seems to have sold out long before I did. My current act of selling out is on a larger scale than buying a few books from a pro-queer “Conservative” woman. After all, most women aren’t as disgusted by homosexuality as is the average straight male, so maybe I can forgive her for that. After stating repeatedly that I would NOT vote for pro-socialized medicine, pro-queer “marriage” anti-gun Mittens-the-RINO Romney, I’ve changed my mind. Up until about a month ago, had a giant hand appeared in my living room and wrote on the wall: “THOU SHALT VOTETH FOR THE RINO CALLED MITT ROMNEY” I would have been more likely to ask the giant hand for two forms of ID before I’d agree to vote for Romney. Now, with my hands covered by non-latex, powder-free rubber gloves, I’ll be voting for Mittens the RINO Romney. I have several reasons for doing this, one being This Country is in trouble and It can’t survive another four years with the Black Bolshevik and his meddling, perpetually angry wife living in the White House. Yeah, Romney is a flip-flopping RINO, but unlike Obama, Romney doesn’t hate This Country. One thing I have to grudgingly admit about flip-flopping RINOs, occasionally (Though rarely) they flip toward the good side. The Mocha Marxist, on the other hand is wrong 95% of the time. By the way, I wrote “95%” to give him the benefit of the doubt. I suppose what it all boils down to is hate. That was pretty much the case during the last presidential election. I despise McCain and had no intention of voting for him until the Sunday before the election. That Sunday, I went down to the local protest spot and saw the motley collection of degenerate Obama supporters and noticed something. I hate these people much more (well, maybe not “much” more) than I hate McCain and at least had McCain had Sarah Palin as his political “beard” (See definition at the end of this rant) and running mate. Perhaps if McCain won, he’d fall and break his neck, while running from a Conservative issue and Palin would be president. Strangely enough, I don’t think I hate Obama as much as I used to. The people I do hate (personal friends and most acquaintances excluded) are the collection of intentionally uninformed (In other words, STUPID), race-baiting, collectivist, wealth-hating, Christian-hating, lying Marxist fools who worship the Colored Communist no matter what he does. Should the Colored Communist lose, his worshippers are going to go (even more) berserk. Some may even riot. I really don’t see why the Obamabots have such a hatred for Romney, there’s not all that much of a difference between the two of them. Both the Narcissistic Negro and Romney are anti-gun, though Romney claims he’s “pro-2nd Amendment”. Both of them are in favor of queer “marriage”. Obama expressed his support with his words, Romney showed his support by actually signing queer “marriage” into law in Massachusetts. Both support government-controlled health care. (Again, why am I voting for Romney, O yeah, my hatred for the other side, must keep reminding myself of that) Should Romney win, he won’t “turn things around”. The most he’ll do is slow things down and hopefully, the Republicans will control Congress and won’t send him any liberal-inspired bills either from the Demoncrats or the RINOs. Speaking of which, hopefully the Republicans will send Cave Man Boehner packing. (“Cave Man” as in he often caves in to what the Demoncrats want) I’m sure I’ve disappointed some people, probably myself most of all. I know some of my friends will hold fast to their Conservative beliefs and will still refuse to vote for the RINO. Hopefully, no hard feelings. Robot 831-241-4767 P.S. Definition: “Beard” A hot woman, paid or not, who hangs out with a homo to camouflage the fact that he’s a homo. “Political Beard” A Conservative woman (i.e. Sarah Palin) or a man (i.e. Paul Ryan) who runs with a RINO to camouflage the fact that he’s a RINO.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama’s Coming Out Party

Less than a month ago, North Carolina voted on a Constitutional amendment confirming the obvious definition of marriage. The amendment passed overwhelmingly. Point of fact, whenever the people and not a pro-homo legislative body vote on the issue of homo “marriage”, even in big gay California, they vote in favor of naturally defined marriage. As expected, the degenerates who embrace the queer agenda went bitchcakes over the North Carolina vote. In an apparent response to the North Carolina vote, vice-president, Joe (foot-in-mouth) Biden announced he was totally fine with homo “marriage”. Supposedly, his views were in opposition to those of his boss, who had claimed he felt marriage was between a man and a woman. REALLY??? Who’s the man who won’t enforce the Defense Of Marriage Act and ordered the military to allow openly practicing sodomites to serve? No, It wasn’t Shaft, it was Obama. However, Foot-in-mouth Biden forced Obama to come roaring out of the closet a bit sooner than I think he would have wanted to. (Some people think the whole incident was planned and that’s possible) OF COURSE Obama is down with the homos!(which makes for truly strange bed fellows) He only claimed he opposed queer “marriage” to keep gullible blacks and somewhat conservative Democrats voting for him. Several days after Biden announced he’s OK with queer “marriage”, Obama went on a news show and announced that he had “evolved” and now supports homo “marriage” Obama obviously feels free to turn his back (so to speak) on black democrats in order to suck up (again, so to speak) to white homos and the amoral degenerate liberals who support them. I’m betting many black Democrats will still vote for him. They’re more concerned about keeping “the brotha’” in office than in standing up for the few Biblical principles they may still hold. If not, so what? Blacks are called a minority for a reason. What’s really disgusting about this election is there really is no pro-family alternative. Romney (i.e., Obama-wite) is even more snuggly in bed with the sodomites. While Romney claims he recognizes the definition of marriage as between one man and (only) one woman (Going against his Mormon ancestors) he’s the man WHO SIGNED HOMO “MARRIAGE” INTO LAW in Massachusetts!!! Not only that, he thinks homo couples should have the right to ADOPT CHILDREN!!! Hijo de puta, This Country is in trouble!!! Robot 831-241-4767

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protestors: Mindless, Anarchist-Marxist Trash

From the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it was obvious to any thinking person the protestors were nothing more than a unwashed collection of mindless, Anarchist/Marxist slackers.

Marxists as in they believe they have a right take wealth from the productive people in society (Also called “the wealthy”) and give it to society’s less-productive and even non-productive people.

(Note: I wonder if these clowns would try to go two days without any item made by a Wall Street corporation, iPhone, laptop, bicycle, etc.)

Anarchist, as they have no respect for the property of others and no respect for the laws of the places they’re occupying

The protests have gone on for nearly a month with little or no interference by local authorities. Any thinking person (Which rules out most liberals) can now see the protestors are nothing more than a stinking (literally) bunch of mindless, Anarchist Savages.

Protestors have engaged in public nudity, (and it’s never the cute women who go nude) vandalism, illegal drug dealing and drug use, defecating on police vehicles, defecating on American Flags, assaulting police officers, stealing from other protestors, sexually assaulting females and AT LEAST one male. (One can’t say they’re not equal opportunity thugs) Even several protestors admit some of the areas where the protestors are camping are unsafe for women (and men).

In Oakland, there has even been one murder at one of the Occupy Oakland camps.

Taking a cue from Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, some of the speakers at the protests have engaged in anti-Jewish rants, screeching on about the evil Jewish bankers. I’m surprised Calypso Louie Farrakhan hasn’t been invited to speak at any of the events. Actually, for all I know, maybe he has.

One would expect local authorities would have worked up a Number 6 on these Anarchist hoodlums several days after they became unruly. (Not familiar with a Number 6? That’s when the police wade into the mobs, ‘a whoopin’ and a whompin’ every Anarchist thug who resists orders to disperse within an inch of their lives.)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of local governments, until recently have given the animals free reign. Really, where is the Ohio National Guard when we really need them?

Now FINALLY, some local governments are starting to crack down on the savages. However, it may be a long time before they’re cleaned out for good. When you give concessions to hoodlums, the hoodlums begin to see a “temporary” concession as a “right”


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cafe Press Courts Queers.

www.Café is the main website from where I buy most of my Conservative bumper stickers and t-shirts. Unfortunately, the folks at Café Press also make left-wing stuff. I generally don’t have a problem with that. After all, business is business. However, I prefer by my t-shirts and bumper stickers from true believers.

This current week, according to Café Press, is queer “pride” week and is shipping pro-homo-related shirts and stickers without a shipping charge. I’m not sure if queer “pride” week is official or not. I generally don’t follow such things. Anyone with knowledge of anatomy knows homosexuality is unnatural, deviant and nothing to be “proud” of.

I ordered a few stickers promoting traditional marriage and a Straight Pride t-shirt from Café Press. Surprisingly, shipping charges were applied.

I think from now on, I’ll try harder to only buy my Right Wing “stuff” from Right Wing businesses.


Monday, May 30, 2011

The Leftist, "Peace" Activists Want Israel Dead, Dead DEAD!

This is a letter I'm sending to the editor of the Monterey County Herald in response to a letter by Gabe Kish, a local (or Loco)"Peace" activist. Whether it gets printed is anyone's guess.


Gabe Kish in her recent letter claimed that for a “just peace” with the “Palestinians” Israel should retreat to its pre-1967 borders.

Perhaps Kish just isn’t knowledgeable of the events prior to 1967. Israel would still be at its pre-1967 borders if the surrounding Arab countries hadn’t attacked them with the sole purpose of destroying the small country. An Egyptian radio broadcast on 18 May 1967 proclaimed,

"The sole method we shall apply against Israel is a total war which will result in the extermination of Zionist existence."

As we all know, Israel soundly defeated the attacking Arab countries and now holds territory they can more easily defend. Most of their Arab neighbors have never wavered from that goal, attacking Israel again in 1973 and waging a campaign of terror against the civilian population of Israel that still continues to this day.

I have one question to the people who claim Israel can have a “just peace” with their neighbors by retreating to their pre-1967 border. If “peace” wasn’t maintained when Israel was at their indefensible, pre-1967 borders, why would the peace be maintained by Israel retreating from their present border, which is more defensible?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

An Introduction to Unionist Thugs

My first encounter with unionist thugs occurred shortly after getting out of the Army in the late 80’s. Until then, I had never thought much about unions one way or the other. That all changed when I started my first job after getting out of the Army.

I was hired onto a private security company. One of the places I provided security for was USS Posco in Pittsburg California. USS Posco was a Korean/US steel production company. In 1987 they were being picketed by some union. I don’t remember the name of the union.

I at first thought the picketers had worked there and had been fired, but no. The union clowns were upset because the company, a PRIVATE company had the nerve to hire non-union workers.

My company had me stationed in sort of a demilitarized zone, a vacant lot, just outside the plant’s fence line. The picketers, usually about a dozen or so positioned themselves along the roadway leading up to the entrance of the plant. For the first few weeks I was there, they just held signs along the roadway, calling on people to oppose the company. One old geezer, “Cowboy” would sometimes say he fought “those people” during the Korean War and now they’re over here “taking our jobs”.

Of course, most of the people working at USS Posco were Americans and if “Cowboy” was fighting the Koreans at Posco, that would have meant he was fighting for Communist North Korea, which given the political bent of most unions could have been a possibility.

By the way, did I mention I was working as unarmed security and was using my personal vehicle as my guard shack? I would alternate between sitting in my car or standing near the fence line or sitting in the chair that had been set out for me. My job was to “observe and report” any actions of the picketers that threatened the property of the company or its workers.

After a week or so, after Posco continued to defy the union, the union began to get more belligerent and would shout and scream at the workers as they came and left work. At about that time, I had an epiphany. Being unarmed among these people probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do, so I started bringing my 9MM Sig-Sauer 226. It held 15 rounds in the magazine and I kept an extra two magazines in the case with the gun. The gun stayed in my vehicle as it would have been difficult to conceal in my uniform. Had the situation warranted, I would have found a way to conceal it.

Generally, they left me alone and occasionally some of them would engage in small talk. There were two colored men among the group. I remember noticing they seemed to stay more with themselves, rather than mingling with the other group. I think I remember sometimes engaging me in conversations on the evils of the White Man.

On one occasion, I observed several members of the group walk to the trunks of their cars and retrieve baseball bats, which I reported to my supervisor. Police were called but before they arrived, the unionists began “playing baseball”. The fuzz told them to put the bats away and they complied. The bats were an obvious attempt to intimidate the plant workers.

Several times there were larger groups of picketers on days when they wanted to put on a show. During one of these large demonstrations, a lawyer for Posco was there and took photographs of the picketers. At one point, he ventured into their group and they roughed him up and stole his camera. I believe he eventually did get it back… with the film removed.

Even then, I wasn’t too concerned for my safety. Remember the Sig-Sauer 226? While I only had 45 rounds, that would still be about one round per 2-3 unionist extremists. If they had chosen to assault me, I’m sure less than half a magazine would have discouraged them.

One day, I was standing near the fence line of the plant and I heard a tinkling sound coming from the direction of the unionists. I looked down the street and saw the older of the two colored guys kicking something in the roadway. I walked down the road and observed he had put several nails in the road. The nails were bent and formed so that they would puncture tires of plant workers arriving to work.

I stopped one vehicle that was approaching them and took the nails from the road. As I was retrieving the nails “Cowboy” shouted to me that I couldn’t leave the plant property. (Which of course, was b.s.) I reported the incident. After that, both of the colored guys started haranguing me about working for the White Man and accused me of being a White Man in a Black Man’s body. It was like listening to Calypso Louie Farrakhan or Malik Shabazz. They went on about how the security company wouldn’t protect me when there were “hundreds” of picketers and the unionists would be like the Molly McGuire’s. (?)

Point of fact, during the time I worked there I never saw much more than a hundred unionists. After that day, I never saw the older Colored guy again.

I believe that whole incident was a test to see what I would do. The old, colored fool could have easily placed the nails in the road quietly and I never would have noticed it.

Some time later, I was sitting in a chair near the fence line and probably had dozed off. (Pittsburg in the summer was about 80-100 degrees and there was no shade where I was) As a truck was leaving the plant, one of the picketers tossed a paper bag with some type of sharp object under the tires and it blew out one of them.

The driver described one of the old geezers who was a regular picketer. After his act of vandalism, the geezer was never there again.

On several occasion, the unionists tried to get sympathy for their cause by attempting to portray themselves as victims.

One day, as I was pacing along the fence line, when my back was turned I heard a thump behind me near the unionist’s vehicles. “Cowboy” came over to me and pointed out that one of the unionists’ vehicles was struck by a ball bearing, which shattered a window. Cowboy said the ball bearing came “right past my head”, barely missing me before hitting the car.

I call “B.S.!” on that one.

Two things:

One: I was standing near a chain link fence which was about 2-3 feet taller than me.

Two: the nearest plant worker was probably about 100+ yards away. In other words, a worker, presumably using a slingshot would have had to have been accurate enough to hit a vehicle window at a hundred yards and lucky enough to miss the links in the fence.

On another day, a truck driver was approaching the plant and a unionist thug (who I’ll call Alan Henderson, A.H. for short) stood by the side of the road shouting “SCAB, SCAB, SCAB!” at him. The driver jerked the truck toward the A.H. and then back toward the road. The A.H. ran over to me and asked if I saw what just happened. I told him I did and he went back to the other unionists.

Several minutes later, an ambulance can screaming up to the unionists and A.H., who had just several minutes earlier ran up to me, was now lying on his back and claiming the truck had hit him. When the police arrived, he told them I could tell them what happened, if “I” would tell the truth. Ironic.

Obviously I couldn’t actually see if the truck hit him or not from where I was standing, but usually when a Mack truck hits someone, they aren’t able to walk all that well.

I did get a laugh one day when “Cowboy” was telling a CHP officer how some talk show host was going to give the CHP what for, for how they were treating the unionists (i.e., preventing them from damaging property, harassing plant workers).

Cowboy told the officer, He (I don’t recall the host’s name) took on Governor Deukmejian, now he was going to take on the CHP. The officer asked him, “Is Deukmejian still Governor?” Cowboy: “Yeah”. CHP Officer, “and we’ll still be the CHP”. That shut up Cowboy for a while.
I never did find out the final outcome of the USS Posco-Unionist Thug dispute. I ended up getting a better job.

That incident turned me against unions and I now only see them as a sometimes necessary evil, and that their power needs to be diminished.
The recent antics of the unionist thugs in Wisconsin and the antics of SEIU only confirm my opinion.



Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Time to Panic is NOW!!!

At least, that’s what some alarmist conspiracy goofballs would have you believe.

Last weekend, I attended a meeting of Conservative activists. After discussing several local issues our group wanted to be involved in, the topic turned to preparing a three-day survival pack in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

The man who was asked to write a blog on survival preparations for the group website told us that a three-day pack wasn’t enough. He told us that a three-day pack wouldn’t have been enough for the people during the Katrina, adding that if an emergency lasted more than three days he would go after the person who wrote the article about preparing a pack for only three days.

Personally, if a disaster lasted more than three days, going after a person who wrote a blog posting would be the last thing on my to do list. His initial comments alone led me to believe his magazines weren’t topped off. But he went on, making him seem (if possible) even goofier.

He claimed there were foreign troops, on US soil, (which he had claimed to have seen) brought here for the sole purpose enforcing martial law. He also claimed there were Soviet tanks in America with UN markings and added that because of some executive order, the US Constitution had been abolished.

That would be news to the many court cases dealing with appeals to various laws based on their being against the US Constitution.

His rants reminded me of some of the tales I heard back in the dark ages of the Clinton era (which now seem bright compared to the B.O. administration) when there were many a panicked tale of Soviet tanks on railway flatbeds, (uncovered for the whole world to see) bus stations transformed into containment areas, equipped with guillotines for beheading patriots, foreign troops in place for disarming Americans, black helicopters here, there and everywhere doing dark, evil things like…flying, etc, etc. Many of these tales were reported in The Spotlight magazine, an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory rag whose articles made the rants of Alex Jones appear sane.

Now, I believe in some conspiracies and I know there are people in government and left-wing activist who would LOVE to have martial law declared so they can have their way with the American people and especially Conservative Christians, but for them to actually try that would wake up even some of the more inattentive people in This Country and there would be a backlash. And, by the way there have ALWAYS been foreign troops in This Country. We have foreign allies whose soldiers come here for training they can’t receive in their home countries and yes there are some Soviet-era tanks on our soil. They are also used for training. Ever heard of Ft Irwin? I don’t know if it is still open but when it was, it was a base where soldiers were trained to fight against soldiers using soviet equipment.

Also, I’m all for being prepared for emergencies and disasters. During the Y2K scare, I tried to store up supplies in case The Country descended into a Mad Max/Red Dawn situation. However, as the date came closer I started to relax a bit. (Not that I was stressing out over it to begin with) I started to figure that at worst, there would be a few, minor problems and the main thing I would have to deal with would be my VCR and microwave oven clock flashing “0000”, which didn’t happen either.

Perhaps a three-day pack isn’t enough. Had I the funds, I would prefer to have enough supplies for a month or so. I’ve heard that the “three-day” preparation rule is because it is assumed that FEMA will take three days to arrive and render aid. That being the case, a month of preparations sounds much better than three days.

Preparation is a good thing. Spreading panicky stories is not.

Sane people will disregard anything else you say.

P.S., Anyone interested in 15 cases of MREs and a crate of toilet paper? Also, stay tuned for my book on how to form a militia, shoot down black helicopters and fight against the New World Order.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

You Can Always trust A RINO

…To sell out Conservative Republican principles any chance they get

Once again, the RINO (Republican In Name Only) pukes, and one goofball Republican have sold out traditional Republican…., no COMMON SENSE, MORAL values. The usual crop of RINOs along with nut-job Ron Paul, voted to allow faggots to serve openly in the U.S. military.

My math could be off, but DADT would probably been repealed without the votes of the RINOs. However, it’s expected that Democrats will always vote the wrong way on a moral issue. Democrats lost their moral compass decades ago. Republicans are supposed to be better than that

I have several good Conservative friends who tell me, it’s better to support a RINO who can win an election, rather than sit it out and let a Liberal win. They feel that at least with a RINO, they can be worked with and if brow beaten enough they can sometimes be influenced to vote correctly on an issue.

This proves RINOs are every bit as big of an enemy, if not a greater enemy that the Democrats. If the GOP doesn’t punish these worthless pukes, I may be switching from Republican to independent.

RINOs supporting the repeal of DADT


Representative Judy Biggert (R-IL) Representative David Dreier (R-CA)

Representative Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-I)

Representative John Campbell (R-CA) Representative Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Representative Anh 'Joseph' Cao (R-LA) Representative Ron Paul (R-TX)

Representative Mike Castle (R-DE) Representative Todd Platts (R-PA)

Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA) Representative Dave Reichert (R-A)

Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)

Representative Charles Djou (R-HI)


Senator Richard Burrr (R-NC)
Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)
Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)
Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME)
Senator George Voinovich (R-OH)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

Answer: NO WHERE!

You may have noticed that for the past 10-20 years, few people have been willing admit to being liberals. Usually, when someone is asked if they’re a Conservative or a Liberal they’ll usually either claim they’re a “moderate” meaning they’re only wrong half the time, or they’ll say there neither Conservative, nor Liberal, meaning they’re either too stupid or their moral compass too corrupt to have a consistent opinion.

Generally, whenever I hear anyone claim either of the two, the next thing out of their mouths is a recitation of the usual stream of liberal nonsensical, degenerate, race-baiting talking points. Frankly, I don’t recall EVER hearing someone claim they were a “moderate” and that wasn’t the case.

Another comment I’ll hear from liberals, pardon me, “moderates” is that “it takes two wings to fly”, which if we were talking about an actual bird that way too often used quote would make sense. But, since we’re talking about the direction This Country should be headed, it’s just more mindless gibberish.

Now there is a slight difference between Democrats and Liberals. There are some Democrats who aren’t total moral degenerates, with an illogical hatred of successful people. That is rarely the case with an actual liberal. Be VERY aware of a person who actually admits to being a Liberal. They’re almost always a hard corps Communist or Marxist in every way except for having a membership card in their wallet.

Now I do have some good friends who are Democrats and even a few who are liberals. None of the liberals I consider friends are of the activist variety. I can usually talk with them in a civil manner as long as I try to forget about the damage they’ve done and are yet doing to This Country.

While Liberals trying to fool people into believing they’re not Liberals by calling themselves “moderates” or sometimes even “Progressives” (Which is nothing more than an admission they’re Communists) is nothing new, there is a new angle I just heard about today (14 December 2010).

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he was speaking of a movement called “No Labels”. In summary, No Labels is an assortment of Liberal and/or Marxist goofballs who claim they are neither Left nor Right but are “Americans, concerned for “their” Country”. In actuality, “No Labels” is a sordid assortment of Liberal Democrats, Liberal Republicans (i.e. RINOs) Liberal “independents” etc., who are trying a liberal version of the Vulcan mind-meld thing to fool people into believing they’re anything but liberals.

In other words, don’t be fooled. In spite of the wins gain by Republicans (Some of whom are merely RINOs) and some Tea Party favorites, there are plenty of liberals whose Prime Directive is to transform the United Stated into another Cuba or Venezuela.

Always remember, whenever you hear some Liberal puke talking about “bi-partisanship”, or being “civil” and/or “centrist”, what they really mean is getting RINOs and other limp-wristed Republicans willing to sell out Conservative principle into helping them in achieving their Prime Directive.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The JFK Assassination: The Conspiracy to Promote Conspiracy Theories

Last night, George Noory of Coast to Coast AM (1460AM: weekdays 2200hrs) did a show for the second night in a row on the JFK assassination. I didn’t listen to the previous show, but I’m betting that like last night’s show, all of the guests promoted the myth of a “conspiracy” and no guests promoting the common sense view. For most conspiracy people, believing in a grand conspiracy is a matter of “faith”. No matter how thoroughly a conspiracy is debunked, the true believer will go on believing in the conspiracy and usually will accuse the debunker of being part of “The Conspiracy”.

I feely admit I’m a reformed conspiracy believer. For over twenty years I was about 90% sure there was a conspiracy involved in JFK’s abrupt removal from office.

I’ve read a dozen or so books on the subject. Some seemed more probable than others. If all of the theories promoted in the books were true, the Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Repository would have been one crowded place that November 22nd morning.

I never did fully buy into the Martin Luther King or RFK conspiracy theories. Last night on Noory’s show, he said the King family believes James Earl Ray was innocent. Whether they actually believe that or not, I’m sure they feel King’s martyr status is more enhanced if he was the victim of a grand government conspiracy rather than just a victim of a racist, somewhat stupid ex-con.

The main reason I believed in the JFK conspiracy was because of the “magic bullet” theory. The books promoting the conspiracy all claimed Oswald wasn’t a good shot. In Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, Congressman Hale Boggs tells New Orleans Prosecutor Jim Garrison that Oswald got “Maggie’s Drawers” meaning he wasn’t any good.

I was always suspicious of that claim. Oswald was a US Marine. While obviously not every Marine is a Carlos Hatchcock, one generally doesn’t need to be at 88 yards. Practically ANYONE can hit a human-sized target at 88 yards with a scoped rifle. ANY Marine who made it through Boot Camp could have made that shot. Granted, being as the target was sitting in a moving vehicle made it more difficult. I would imagine since the vehicle was moving away from Oswald at a slight angle, rather than moving across his field of vision from left to right, the shot still wouldn’t that difficult.

An A&E or History Channel special about the assassination thoroughly debunked the myth of Oswald not “being any good” as a marksman. An investigator for the show produced a range scorecard for Oswald showing that at the distance the shot at JFK was taken, Oswald’s marksmanship was more than adequate for the task.

The only difficult thing dealing with Oswald’s marksmanship was the number of shots. The Warren report concluded there were three shots with one shot being a complete miss. The missed shot was apparently the first shot he took. True Believer’s have a field day with that. Most conspiracy theorists claim the first shot is always the most accurate.

That isn’t always case. I’ve spent some time behind a scoped rifle, granted, not a Mannlicher-Carcano, but a scoped rifle all the same. Especially with a moving target, the first shot isn’t always going to be the most accurate. I’ve done a little bit of hunting and sometimes my first shot at the target misses with my second shot connecting if the target is till present.

Also remember, Oswald wasn’t The Jackal nor was he a professional hitter at all. He would have been nervous and I’m betting he was sure he had been seen as soon as he stuck his rifle out of the window. It’s highly likely he rushed his first shot.

The True Believers repeat the legend that no one has been able to duplicate the number of accurate shots in the time (6.8 seconds) that Oswald “allegedly” made the shots. While perusing my copy of the Warren Commission Report, I read in one of the sections that several military shooters WERE able to duplicate the shots. Remember, only two of the three shots needed to be accurate to show Oswald was capable of the feat.

Granted, the tests were not conducted with an actual moving target, but three targets were placed at the distances where Oswald is believed to have scored hits. The military shooters in the experiments still would have had to fire, locate their target through the scope and fire again.

I tried firing three shots with a bolt-action rifle at a target 100 yards away as fast as I could. I’m not in any way claiming my test duplicated what Oswald did, I was only trying to get at least two accurate shots in 6.8 seconds. I was able to do it in 6.8 seconds and got three shots in a 2 inch group. I’m guessing the 6.5 round kicks less than the 7.62 round I was firing.

For me the only evidence of a conspiracy was the “Magic Bullet”. According to the Warren Report, one of Oswald’s bullets struck Kennedy in the back, came out his chest, went through Connally’s back, struck his right wrist and ended up in his thigh.

The bullet was later recovered from the stretcher Connally was transported on. Obviously this Warren Commission Report conclusion seemed highly unlikely, until you actually see how JFK and Connally were seated. Conspiracy theorists have Connally seated directly in front of JFK and at the same height. In reality however, JFK was sitting a bit higher that Connally and Connally was sitting a bit to the left of JFK. In this scenario, the bullet wound line up perfectly.

This information is not new. Any JFK conspiracy theory “researcher” could easily find this. However, it appears to me the true “conspiracy” involves the people who promote the myths about the tragic JFK assassination. Many may do it to sell a book, some are True Believers who really feel there was a conspiracy and feel anyone who can’t see that is in denial.

Others I fear, are people who truly hate This Country and want to promote the myth that This Country is pure evil and will believe and promote any half-baked tale of evil-doing by Our Government.

Obviously, This Country isn’t perfect, but Our government is too incompetent to successfully pull off most of the conspiracies Its accused of participating in.

For more on the JFK assassination Conspiracy Theory Myths see:

For more on the “Magic Bullet” Theory see:

Bryan Grasper

Saturday, November 06, 2010

BART Cop Sentenced for ACCIDENTALLY Shooting a Resisting Ex-Con: Mindless Masses Riot

Former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was sentenced to two years in prison for accidentally shooting ex-con Oscar Grant III, who was resisting police officers while being detained after a fight on a BART train.

The officer claimed, and a jury believed (along with me and anyone else with common sense) the officer thought he had drawn his taser. Only a mindless fool could actually believe Mehserle intentionally shot the ex-con with dozens of witnesses and probably about as many cell phone cameras surrounding him.

As usual, whenever a black thug is shot by a white police officer, race-baiting, black fools, community “activists” (instigators) and their enablers of other races screamed “racism” and that Mehserle intentionally murdered the ex-con.

Had Grant III followed the instructions of police officers, he wouldn’t have been shot at all, with either taser or firearm, a fact that is ignored by the masses of asses who attended the rally.

After the ruling, a rally and a march were held in downtown Oakland and also as usual, some of the attendees vandalized property and attacked police officers. One officer had his gun and holster taken from him and the mob threw bottles at officers. For some reason, the people of Oakland seem to be prone to riot over pretty much anything. Granted, this riot wasn’t as bad as the last one when the scum of Oakland rioted when Mehserle was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder.

Oddly enough, I’ve never heard of a rally to protest the numbers of blacks murdered by other blacks (Last year there were over 100 murders and 72 so far this year) that occur in Oakland yearly.

I suppose that can be expected: Oakland is the founding place of the Black Panther Party, terrorist group, the Black Nationalist group Uhuru and has had Jerry Brown and Communist sympathizer Ron Dellums as mayors.

Perhaps what Oakland really needs is for all the police in Oakland to take a month off and let the race-baiting, Left-wing community activists keep the peace in Oakland. I’m sure after the month is over many of the savages will have killed each other off and the Oakland police will have less hoodlums to deal with when they return to work.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Can Trust the Demoncrats, To Try and Steal an Election

When things seem to be going really well, that’s when I worry most. I’ve noticed often when I get in too good of a mood, something comes along and ruins it. Hopefully, this upcoming election won’t be one of those times.

In spite of the predictions of a Republican, and perhaps even a Conservative victory I’m already preparing myself for disappointment. When dealing with liberals, one thing should never be forgotten. Liberals, which includes many, if not most Demoncrats have no concept of common decency or fair play. At least not when it keeps them from promoting their Marxist-lite political agenda.

Liberals have no problem lying about their opponents, vandalizing their property and absolutely no qualms about cheating during elections. In fact, cheating during elections is something Demoncrats have mastered, with varying successes over the years. One should never forget the Chicago election where the dead voted for Lyndon Johnson.

Perhaps because denying a dead person the right to vote simply because they are no longer living is discriminatory.

There are already reports of electronic voting machines in Nevada pre-selecting Demoncrat Harry Reid, voting machines which, by the way, are maintained by SEIU union members. In several states, military absentee ballots are being delayed in getting out to the soldiers. You may recall during the 2000 election, the Demoncrats tried to keep absentee ballots mailed by military members overseas from being counted because they were delivered late to their respective precincts.

Military members are more prone to vote Republican than Demoncratic.

Illegal aliens voted in the Congressional between Loretta Sanchez (DSA Progressive Caucus) and Bob Dornham. Even after it was proven illegal aliens voted in the election, it was upheld and Dornham lost his seat.

The stage has been set for the same kind of voter fraud because poll workers in many places are not allowed to ask voters for proof of identity.

With so much to lose in this election, you can be assured the Demoncrats are GOING TO CHEAT THEIR ASSES OFF!

Michael Steele is claiming that already, Demoncrats plan to challenge their losses in court and steal elections with the help of Left-Wing, activist judges.

Still, I hoping and praying for the best.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sodomite Soldiers and the Common Sense Solution

Sodomite Soldiers and the Common Sense Solution

*****WARNING, THIS POST IS RATED PG******************

Like me, you may have noticed the vast majority of the people seeking to allow homos to openly enlist in the U.S. military are people, i.e., Hollywood celebrities, left-wing activists, etc., who would never, EVER join. Indeed, many of the people seeking to allow homos to serve, besides other homos are people who like Bill Clinton “loathe” the military and want to destroy the morale of the service members.

Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) homos could enlist if they would keep their perverted practices to themselves. I’m assuming during my tour in the military there several homos whom I was never aware of. I only know of one, but more on him later.

Homosexuals want to serve openly because they want to feel “normal” and are butt hurt (so to speak) over any person or organization that reminds them they are anything but normal.

They refuse to accept the simple fact that the vast majority of society and especially those serving in the military are disgusted by homosexual activity and definitely don’t want to live in close proximity with them. The goal of the homosexual lobby is to force everyone in society to accept their perverted behavior.

There is one simple solution to the issue that everyone seems to be ignoring. People currently serving in the military should be able to vote on whether they want to serve alongside a homo. While I suspect most females would have few problems serving with a lesbian, I suspect the vast, vast majority of male service members would strongly oppose being roommates with a homosexual man.

If the service members vote to allow open sodomites to serve, service members who joined prior to the vote and oppose serving with a homo should be allowed an honorable discharge.

There of course would be many homos who would only join the military to make a point and would spend much of their time filing complaints of “harassment” and “discrimination”. Of course many potential recruits would refuse to join.

In my humble, however correct opinion a vote on the issue would be the only fair and balanced way to go. However, I’m afraid allowing open homosexuals to serve will be forced down the military’s throat.
Also, the various military branches would have to change their mottos to "We never leave our buddy's behind".




The Milton Brown incident

As I mentioned in the earlier part of this rant, I only knew of one confirmed homosexual in any of the Army units I belonged to.

This incident happened in the early 80’s in the 165th MP CO at the Fischbach Army Depot in Germany.

When I first met Milton Brown (real name changed) I got the impression he was a bit light in the combat boots when he introduced himself to me. He spoke in what could best be described as a homosexual “accent”.

I thought to myself, “Is he…., nah, he couldn’t be, he’s way too obvious. Fortunately Milton wasn’t in my platoon and I very rarely had to be in his presence.

Several months later I heard of an incident in the barracks involving Milton and another soldier in his platoon.

According to barracks legend, Milton and another male were in a room watching videos and drinking beer. (Considering my suspicions about Milton, being alone in a room with him would not be something I would even REMOTELY consider doing)

The other soldier fell asleep and awoke to find Milton performing a sex act on him that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski would recognize.

After breaking contact, the other soldier reported the incident and Milton was well on his was way to a discharge.

Prior to being discharged, Milton was involved in another, less extreme incident with another soldier.

Of course, the homo lobby will call this an isolated incident and no reason to keep homos from entering the military.

I obviously disagree. The Milton incident is one of several reasons (One of the other main reasons is the effect on troop morale) why homosexuals, in or out-of-the-closet should be kept from joining the military.



Monday, October 04, 2010

Attack of the RINOs: Fight Back!

RINO attacks, or Republican In Name Only are nothing new. Probably the first major attack came back in 1950 when a group of Leftist “Republicans” going by the name of Republican Advance revolted against traditional Republicans Senator Robert Taft and Representative Joseph Martin.

Republican Advance wanted, among other things to soften the GOP’s anti-Communist stance. Several years later a Leftist Republican group calling itself the Ripon Society, named after the city where the Republican Party was founded, continued the attacks on traditional Republicans.

The Ripon Society, in their book “From Disaster to Distinction” called for the GOP to abandon distinctions between public vs. private, business vs. labor Conservative vs. liberal and called for “moderates” (i.e., liberal pukes) to take control of the Republican Party.

The Ripon Society in 1966 wanted the U.S. to recognize Red China, which Ripon Society member Richard Nixon eventually did.

Ronald Reagan, calling it the 11th Commandment said “Thou shalt speak no ill of thy fellow Republican”. While Reagan meant well, what this means in practice is no traditional Republican should speak the truth about a RINO.

In 1999-2000, another group of RINOs calling themselves the “Mainstream” Republicans went against traditional Republicans focusing their attacks on the Republican Central Committees. At that time I was with the Monterey County Republican Central Committee (MCRCC).

RINOs love talking about the “Big Tent” when they want Traditional Republicans to accept some RINO puke into their ranks. Once RINOs are in power the “Big Tent” becomes an exclusive club where only other RINOs are accepted or tolerated.

Calling traditional Republicans “extremists”, the “Mainstream Republicans” ran a RINO candidate against each traditional Republican running for re-election in the central committees and nearly all other offices.

I should have seen it coming. During that time I often attended the County Republican women’s groups. At one of the meetings held several months before the RINO attack, a Republican candidate was speaking to the group and one of the women asked what could be done about the Fundamentalist Christians who were ruining the Party.

The “Mainstream Republicans” seemed to think that if only the Republican sold out on a few of their traditional social positions, more Democrats would vote for them.

One of the main RINO pukes in California set on diluting the Republican Party was former Ventura County Assembly Brooks Firestone. Firestone supported special rights for queers, affirmative action (quotas), gun control and partial birth abortion.

Locally, (Monterey County) two of the main RINOs opposing traditional Republicans was Peter Newman and Paul Bruno.

Newman would often bash the Traditional Republicans on the Central Committee, calling us “single-issue” (anti-abortion) candidates.

One odd thing about the RINOs running against us, I don’t recall ever seeing ANY of them at a Central Committee meeting. At least, not before they were selected to run against us. One would think if they thought we were doing everything wrong, they would have come to a meeting or two to tell us WHAT we were doing wrong or what we should do differently.

Once the RINOs won control of the Central C, they tried to minimize the participation of the few Traditional Republicans left. One of the committee members told me the RINOs were prone to hold closed meetings with each other and excluding him and other traditional Republicans.

Each Central Committee member selects an alternate who can vote in their place in their absence. Prior to the RINO take over, any alternate chosen by the member was accepted as long as they were a registered Republican. The RINOs however, wanted to make sure the alternate was, if not another RINO was at least someone who wasn’t too outspoken against RINOs.

One of the traditional Republicans chose me to be his alternate. Now, by this time, I had written several letters to local papers about the “Mainstream Republicans” to include one about Brooks Firestone and how he was no “Republican”.

One of the “Mainstreamers” on the Committee logged into an online newspaper message board that I frequented (The far-Left Monterey Coast Weakly) under an alias. He wrote about how much he liked a particular RINO Republican Politician n in an attempt to “catch” me in the act of calling a RINO a RINO. My online handle was well-known at the time to some people on the Central Committee.

I of course, did what was expected (and would do it again) and called the RINO puke RINO puke, though probably not in those exact words (I should have used those exact words).

The “Mainstreamers” used that to vote against me being the traditional Republican’s alternate, so much for the “Big Tent”.

Mid-way into RINO-lite W. Bush’s term, after he and Congress and Senate RINOs spent money like a drunken socialists, the Republicans lost their majority,.

Word to Bush and all other “Republicans”, when you find supporting the same bill as the drunken, womanizing (Red) Ted Kennedy, you can be sure you’re on the wrong side.

One would have thought that with the rise of the Tea Party and their opposition to B.O.’s even greater spending, the RINOs would have learned their lesson. But that would have been asking too much.

With Tea Party candidates winning some of the Republican primaries, one would have thought the “Big Tent” RINOs would have welcomed them with open arms and the losing RINO candidates would have endorsed the winners.

Instead; in Alaska RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Traditional Republican Joe Miller is staying in the race and running as a write-in candidate, which of course will split the Republican vote.

After Sharon Angle, who was supported by the Tea Party won in the primary race against Sue Lowden, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s too much of a liberal puke to even be considered a RINO is hosting a fund raiser with Democrats to support Angle’s Democrat opponent, Harry Reid.

Shortly before Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware Republican primary against RINO Mike Castle, he said it would be difficult for him to support O’Donnell if she won. Castle used the tired old RINO refrain used to bash Traditional Republicans, of “she is just not going to win the general election”.

Allegedly, the Delaware Republican Party chairman (according to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman) said O’Donnell could not be elected dogcatcher.

RINOs have been using the “He (she) can’t win” refrain since traditional Republican Robert Taft sought the presidential nomination against the favored RINO of his time, Republican and Former Democrat Dwight Eisenhower.

According to several polls, it appears the Republican Party will win a majority in the House and possibly even in the Senate.

With the Republican Party still infected by RINOs, it’s highly possible the GOP will sellout Traditional Republican values and piss away their victory just as they did during W. Bush’s term.

RINOs are a bigger threat to the Republican Party than any Democrat could ever be.



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Compromising positions: Ann Coulter Climbs Into Bed with the Queer Lobby

When I first read Ann Coulter was going to be the main speaker at Homocon, an event put on by GOProud, a queer, “Conservative” activist group, I was skeptical. The person who posted the story on one of the Conservative e-mail lists I belong to is himself a practicing homo.

Frankly, I don’t see how having sex with another man is anything to be “proud” of, but then again homosexuality is a mental illness brought on by being sexually confused.

Several days later (WND) posted an article verifying the story. The article went on to say Joseph Farah dropped Ann as a keynote speaker for WND’s “Taking America Back National Conference. Obviously the homosexual lobby is one of the groups America should be taken back from.

No, I don’t “hate” sodomites, nor do I have a “phobia” about them. I am, however thoroughly disgusted by their perverted activity and enraged at their attempts to propagandize and coerce the general public into accepting their unnatural behavior as “normal”.

Coulter says she doesn’t always agree with everything promoted by the groups she speaks to. However, speaking for a group of queer activists gives the impression that Ann endorses them and their perverted lifestyle.

When Ann was asked why she was agreed to speak at the gala she responded because she was being paid. Doesn’t that make her somewhat of a prostitute, for her to be all to willing to sell out her principles and self-respect for money?

Perhaps Ann would be equally willing to speak at the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood or Republicans for Choice if the price were right. What if a group of “Conservative” pornographers wanted to pay her for speaking (and hopefully nothing else) at their event, would she also speak to their group.

One thing homosexuals LOVE doing (besides other men) is associating themselves with legitimate Conservative issues and Conservative groups in an attempt to gain acceptance for their degenerate behavior.

Getting a Conservative, or perhaps ex-Conservative to speak at their event is a propaganda coup for the queer lobby. The only bigger coup would be for Ann to come out of the closet and announce she planned to move to Maine and “marry” her girlfriend.

Ann Coulter is, or was one of my favorite authors and I’m highly disappointed in Ann and I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a downward, Liberal trend for her.

Never put too much faith in mortals, they will often let you down at some time or another.