Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pacifists Disgust Me

This letter of mine was published in a local paper in response to an article written about the Quakers. I don't know of any religions that are more cowardly.

If the founder’s of this Country weren’t willing to fight for their freedom, the Quakers would still be living under oppression. I have absolutely no respect for pacifists. Pacifists generally fall into either one of two categories; the vast majority being pathetic cowards and the rest, misguided simpletons.

Ellie Hoffman in the 18 August Post claimed there is a part of God in every person. If that’s true, then there’s also a part of satan in everyone. Some people listen to the dark side to the point where the only way to stop them by the use of force. Sometimes the force needed is deadly force.

Pacifists are allowed to live with their unrealistic view of the world because other people are willing to fight to ensure their safety.

If a Quaker or any other pacifist hears someone breaking into their house at 3 AM, do they offer their property, themselves and their family to the criminal or do they call for armed police officers to help them?


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