Monday, April 11, 2005

"Peace" groups

"Peace" groups; are they merely unrealistic simpletons or something worse.

The following letter was written by an associate of mine to a local Santa Cruz newspaper. Not surprisingly, it wasn't published.

“Peace” organizations, like the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom always oppose military actions conducted by Western countries, but never those taken by Communist or Socialist countries. WILF and other “Peace” groups only support the military actions of the West if they’re taken on behalf of some ill-advised United Nations fool’s errand. Considering the ideology of WILPF’s founder, Jane Addams that’s to be expected. Addams spent most of her life associating herself with Socialists, Communists and their various causes. Addams, in 1914 was a leader of the Anti-Preparedness committee that opposed defensive and offensive uses of the U.S. military. Addams was also associated with several Communist front organizations. Maurice Malkin, a long-time Communist Party USA official wrote in his book “Return to my father’s house” that Addams became a secret CPUSA member in 1928. (Biographical Dictionary of the Left, Vol. #4)

Joyce Mclean, in the 28th April Sentinel, speaking about WILPF’s “Tax Day at the Post Office” mentioned a Department of “Peace”. One of the people who came up with that moronic, simple-minded idea is Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich, (Surprise!) is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is the U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. (

The agenda of WILF and most other “peace” groups is to turn The U.S into a Socialist welfare State.


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