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Anti-clinton Protest 12 Jun 1998

Subject: Anti-clinton protest, Monterey State Beach: 12 Jun 98.

I know this is somewhat dated but hey, I’ve got to put something up...

This took pace at the Window by the Bay Park in Monterey. By coincidence, Clinton visited on the sane day that a young teen-aged girl was kidnapped and subsequently murdered…

I arrived at about 1145hrs. There were about 35 protesters. Also, there were approx. 3-4 people from what appeared to be a US Indian group. This same group appeared to support the legalization of dope. With this group was one female (?) beating a drum. (She/he was probably on dope at the time) The first person I recognized was C. Carter. I took up a space beside him with my sign, actually an impeach clinton bumper sticker placed on a piece of cardboard. There were also several other people I knew from the Monterey County Republican Central Committee (MCRCC) (The MCRCC has since been taken over by Pink Elephants, i.e. RINOS, traitors to the party, etc.), and others that I recognized from various other meetings and organizations. I also met a JBS coordinator from Fremont named Sam.

I was surprised by the fact that many of the people driving by supported us. Of the people that made any visible responses to us, about 75% made gestures of support. I.E. waving, thumbs up, honking etc. We did however, occasionally get the finger or the usual nonsensical leftist comments. (They truly are a sorry lot.)

Members of the press were also present. The two stations I am sure of were channels 46 and 8. They interviewed several people, me included. Lesson learned: In my case, don't talk to the press, at least not on camera. I stuttered, mumbled, gave 3-4 word sentences and basically sounded like a moron. However, the press did interview several other people better spoken than I am now or ever will be.

There were some leftist who opposed us and had actually had the nerve (liberals are generally cowards) to confront us. One was (The late) Sirrah Burton Harris who engaged a well-spoken protestor several yards away from me in a rather long discussion. Sirrah Harris; had a letter published in the Monterey County Herald on 10 Jun 98, claiming that clinton could not have forced a kiss upon Kathleen Wiley because he is taller than she is. (The logic of that comments escapes me as much now as it did then) (See Red File for letter.) (Sorry, the Red File is classified)

Two more outspoken buffoons, one, a Hispanic male, the other a black male accompanied by a slightly pudgy black female. The black male engaged several of us in somewhat of a debate. The black idiot chose to confront me directly. The clown asked why I did not support clinton, told me how the Republicans were for the rich and how clinton had done so much for black people, basically spouting the usual B.S. from the left-wing-idiots manual. He even told me how all of the other (white) protestors were rich and owned better cars than I did. (Who doesn't?) He went on (and on and on) about how I was being brainwashed and asked “they” “made” me come to the protest because I was dating a white girl. (?) I asked him what had clinton done for black people? He told me "lots of things!" I asked him, "name one." He said "Lots of things!" And so it went. I’ve often run into people who claim Clinton did so much for “the people” but can’t seem to name one. He did manage to tell me that clinton cared about Monterey because he visited here and Reagan never did. He told me that if a serious crime had occurred in Monterey, Reagan wouldn't have come to visit. (?) He shuffled on down the line of protestors talking to several of them, occasionally pointing at me and asking them why they were "brainwashing" me. (At least I have a brain you silly bastard.) Oh well. People that stupid aren't worth the cost of the bullet it would take to put them down. Well, I wouldn’t mind donating one for the cause, but it is illegal. Pity.

Across the street from us were two treasonous females holding up a banner calling for the ratification of some UN treaty. They were probably members of the UN Association. When, oh when, is the UNA going to be made to register as an agent of a foreign government or its membership hunted down and hanged as traitors?

One high point during the demonstration was when a woman and her nine-year-old daughter asked one a well-spoken member of our group to explain to the daughter what we had against clinton. The mother and daughter seem satisfied by his answer. It was a good opportunity to witness to a young person and maybe contradict some of the public school programming.

Later on during the protest, the silly Negro and his two associates drove by, in a brand new red sedan. (The car was probably paid for with welfare checks or drug money.)

Interesting note; during the protest, across the street, was a heavy set, balding black man photographing us. Maybe he was just a tourist. However, to me he didn't appear to just another interested person. Am I being paranoid? I think not. (Since then, I’ve begun to photograph the anti-Bush, anti-American protestors who pollute the park every Sunday)

We didn't think clinton was going to pass our way during the protest. However, several more police on motorcycles appeared and were getting into position to block traffic. Word came down to us that the clinton would be coming down Del Monte Ave. and making a right turn at the McDonalds. About half of us went to the other side of the street with our signs. Behind us were several 20-something people, about 2-3 females and 2-3 males. One of the females said something about how she supported the traitor and another female said that he was “their boss.” I assume they were Military. One of the protestors commented that clinton would try to make a pass at them if he had the chance and one of the females told him that she knew how to say no. He reminded her that according to gloria steinem, he would still have one free grope.

Finally, the motorcade passed by and I and the other protestors began to shout, “TRAITOR! TRAITOR! TRAITOR!” It really felt good. I only wish I had gone to the other side of the street to see the look on his face when he saw us. No, he did not stop at the McDonalds.

I still wonder if the person photographing us was just a sightseer or...?

I guess this means I get another notation in my FBI file.

I originally wrote this rant within several days of the protest. I modified the essay as I saw fit for clarity and updates.


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