Tuesday, July 05, 2005


It was reported today in the Monterey County Herald http://www.montereyherald.com/mld/montereyherald/news/nation/12056496.htm and I assume other news sources that the Church of Christ’s rule-making body has voted overwhelmingly to support queer “marriage”. The Church of Christ is one of the larger “Christian” denominations to support the marrying of homos. I assume they will endorse the marriage of people to farm animals next.

Now they aren’t the first “Christian” denomination to do so (Unitarian-Universalists are so far out as to not be even remotely considered Christian), but they’re the latest in a line of sodomy-friendly “churches”. I won’t mention them here. I know some queers occasionally visit this site and I don’t want to assist them in hooking up with a pro-queer church.

One wonders if these “Christian” churches have ever read the Bible. Remember, sodomy was called an abomination. Many among the queers and their enablers mention that Jesus never mentioned queers during his ministry. I doubt there were enough queers in old Jerusalem for him to repeat the obvious. Once God calls something an “abomination” there’s no a whole lot more you need to add in condemnation of it.

How is this possible? The majority of people recognize that homosexuality is deviant and unnatural. California several years ago voted on whether to allow marriage between queer “couples”. If I recall correctly, the polls were allegedly in favor of the queers but when the actual votes were counted, the state voted that marriage was between a man and a woman.

The queers and their enablers were shocked. After all, the polls were in their favor. Never mind that the results of the polls were probably slanted by the liberal, anti-god, anti-American, pro-queer media. One reason for the conflicting polls vs. election results is probably because many people, when asked whether or not they support queers by an unknown person will take the politically correct answer in an attempt to not look “intolerant”.

I fear that if this pro-queer trend continues, our Country is in danger of a Holy napalm strike like Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Robot, I read this yesterday and thought it not only hilarious but true (unfortunately) ... Have you had time to check out my blog yet ? … blog.markehrlich.com …


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