Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Whose side is George Bush Jr. on?

This post won’t make me popular with a lot of people, but the question needs to be asked. Whose side is George Bush Jr. really on? First off, given the same two choices for president I would vote for George Bush again, but if the democrats had run a candidate who wasn’t a total Marxist I would have voted for a third party candidate. No, I wouldn’t have voted for a democrat. The only presidential democratic candidate I would have voted for, Larry McDonald was shot down on flight KAL flight 007.

For the moment, I won’t speak of Bush’s increased government spending or his love affair with the UN. Right now I want to speak of his support for illegal aliens.

In December of 2004, Bush signed into law the National Intelligence Reform Act, which called for the addition of 10,000 Border Patrol agents over the next five years. 80 percent of them were to be added to the southern border. When the time came to fund the 10,000 gents, he only provided for the funding of 210.

Also in 2004, Bush called for giving amnesty to illegal aliens already in the Country. Of course, Bush and the country club Republicans don’t call it “amnesty,” he calls it giving “legal status” to “temporary workers”. On May 12th, senators “Red” Ted Kennedy, GOP traitor John McCain and Republican-lite Jim Kolbe introduced the deceitfully-named Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act which will result in amnesty being given to illegals. Logically, when amnesty is given to illegals already in the Country, it encourages more to enter in hopes of also being granted amnesty.

Even more disgraceful, when the group known as the Minutemen made plans (and successfully carried them out) to patrol the southern border of Arizona and report illegals to the Border Patrol, rather than support them, Bush bashed them as “vigilantes”. No Mr. Bush, vigilantes would do considerably more than just report them; they would take a more active role and capture the criminals and forcibly sending their asses back across the border. They would probably also engage in a little “direct action” against the treasonous ACLU “monitors”/collaborators. Perhaps that may have to be considered if the federal government won’t do its job, but I digress.

What’s worse, there have been reports that the Border Patrol was told to not make too many arrests while the Minutemen were active as it would give them credibility.

Oddly enough, while Bush doesn’t want stop illegal aliens, on May 11th Bush signed into law the Real ID Act, which is in effect, a national ID card. Many people who support national ID cards claim it will help control illegal immigration. As written by William Jasper of The John Birch Society, and posted on The New American magazine website, http://www.thenewamerican.com/artman/publish/article_1512.shtml, “Attached to the War Supplemental Spending bill, the REAL ID Act was promoted in Congress as the solution to the serious problem of illegal aliens obtaining state driver’s licenses.”

Also mentioned in the same post, Rep. Paul noted: “Proponents of the REAL ID Act continue to make the preposterous claim that the bill does not establish a national ID card. This is dangerous and insulting nonsense. Let’s get the facts straight: The REAL ID Act transforms state motor vehicle departments into agents of the federal government. Nationalizing standards for driver’s licenses and birth certificates in a federal bill creates a national ID system, pure and simple. Having the name of your particular state on the ID is meaningless window dressing.”

Again, whose side is George Bush really on?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whose side is he on? He's a fucking Republican for godsakes, he's on the side of the globalist elite!

Blogger ROBOT said...

You'll find as many, if not more demoncrats on the side of the globalist elite as you will Republicans. Check out the local UN association and see what political party the members belong to.


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