Sunday, June 12, 2005

How I Spent Last Thursday (9 June 2005)

Last Thursday I attended two meetings, one consisting of “conservatives” the other, a group of God-hating/Republican-bashing Marxists, or as they call themselves, (in)Humanists.

The first was a meeting or Republican women. The meeting featured a young Republican who said with a straight face that Bush Jr. was the most “Conservative” president we’ve had in years. While he’s obviously more Conservative than HilLIARy’s husband (who’s name I won’t soil my computer screen by typing it) and possibly slightly more Conservative than his father, he’s no Conservative in the classical sense. He’s spending more government money than a drunken Ted Kennedy, he’s pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, appoints queers to public offices and supports treaties damaging to US sovereignty like CAFTA and the FTAA. He contrary to the myth, he supports the United Nations. Despite his many faults, given the same choices I would vote for him again.

The young (23) woman was delighted that Republican-lite Abel Maldonado was elected to the state senate. Again, Maldonado was the better choice over Democrat (Marxist-socialist) Peg Pinard. However, Maldonado prides himself on being an “independent” and says he sometimes votes against the GOP. While that in itself isn’t always a bad thing Maldonado supports classic socialists agendas like, socialized medicine and says he’s an environmentalist. He also supports open primaries.

She also mentioned that Bruce McPherson, a notorious Republican-lite, had been appointed secretary of state by Republican-very-lite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Frankly, I don’t trust any ”Republican” who’s married to a Democrat, much less a Kennedy. *spit*

Given the youth of this woman, she’s probably too young to remember what Conservative really means. Then again, she said her parents were liberals. I suppose to her anything to the right of that, no matter how slight could be considered Conservative.

Later on that night, I visited the heart of darkness side, a collection of people vile, disgusting and treasonous. People I only barely consider to be human beings. That night I went to a meeting of the Monterey Bay Area (in)Humanist Association.

The topic of discussion was the book, “Don’t Think of an Elephant”, written by George Lakoff. The book is imagined by the (in)Humanists to be “the antidote to the last forty years of conservatives strategizing and the right wing’s “stranglehold” on the political dialogue in the United States” Basically, they’re upset that Conservatives, however few still exist and that they can’t “yet” force them into silence. Lakoff claims his book will tell how Conservatives think and how to counter our arguments.

While I won’t bore you with a full account of their ramblings, I will mention some of the “highlights” of their talk. A CD was played of Lakoff addressing a group of like-minded “people”. Lakoff spoke of being confused when Conservatives spoke of family values, which is understandable as liberals have neither family values nor any moral values whatsoever.

Lakoff confused even me when he claimed he was puzzled as to what tax-cuts had to do with abortion and machineguns. (He claimed all Conservatives were for everyone owning a machinegun (?)) He spoke of the “contradiction” of Conservatives being pro-life, but pro-death penalty. He repeated the tired old liberal rant of tax cuts being for the “rich” and that Dr. James Dodson thinks only people with low morals need social programs.

One interesting part of the meeting was when Darby Moss Worth(less) (Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom, Peace Coalition-Monterey County) took time away from making announcements to ask me (I was attempting to keep a low profile) where in the Bible did Jesus favor the rich over the poor or when Jesus supported pre-emptive war. I think it was the association president, Mark Folsom who ended the interrogation. I did manage to add that Jesus valued rich and poor equally.

Also during the meeting, a man described what he thought would be the ideal speech for a U.S. president to make. He said the president should tell the world that the U.S. wants to dismantle its military and that if other countries agree to do the same, we would too.

Now really, is it possible for anyone over the age of twelve to be that simple-minded? I say no. Anyone that foolish would have to have a severe hatred for this Country or just complete fools or total imbeciles.

And how would any collection of Marxists get by without speaking of “overpopulation?” Of course that was brought up during the meeting. Given that the median age of the people there was about 72, they could contribute a bit to depopulation by dying off. Frankly, I think it’s too bad that we can’t start shooting these neo-Marxists pukes (young and old) right now.

But, dare to dream.




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