Tuesday, July 12, 2005

National Guard Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Unit

It’s been recently reported that the California National Guard is forming an anti-terrorism intelligence unit. It’s about time. Much to my disappointment, it won’t be anything like La Femme Nikita’s Section One. Instead, the unit will merely analyze and distribute information on terrorist threats.

Guard officials insist that the unit won’t monitor American citizens. Why not?! If this Guard unit won’t, and I assume it’s because of the Posse Comitatus Act, some official unit should be.

Not surprisingly, American “peace” activists are highly upset about the unit’s forming. I personally think left-wing “peace” activists shouldn’t be ruled out. They have been known to engage in sabotage against military targets. In fact, one of the local Monterey area activist, MacGregor Eddy in the days leading up to the second Iraq war called for “peace” activists to attempt to disrupt operations at the Vandenberg Air Force base if the U.S invaded Iraq. Investigative agencies shouldn’t rule out monitoring such people if they are openly discussing illegal action damaging to National security.

What shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone is that the far-left organization, the ACLU (Which should stand for American Communist Liberals Union) is opposed to the unit. The ACLU has never seen a government anti-subversive unit that they approve of. Considering the Communist connections of the ACLU’s founders, this is to be expected. As mentioned in The New American magazine;

These ACLU connections to the silk-hat revolutionaries in the CFR have never been well known, but the organization’s notorious record with regard to Communist, subversive, and terrorist groups was once fairly common knowledge. Much of this has been all but forgotten, thanks to the media cartel’s Orwellian memory hole. From its beginnings to the present, the ACLU has been not a champion of, but a dangerous enemy to, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In 1931, a congressional report of the Special House Committee to Investigate Communist Activities stated:

The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States, and fully 90 percent of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law. It claims to stand for free speech, free press, and free assembly; but it is quite apparent that the main function of the ACLU is to attempt to protect the communists in their advocacy of force and violence to overthrow the government, replacing the American flag by a red flag and erecting a Soviet government in place of the republican form of government guaranteed to each state by the federal Constitution.

The House committee members had good reason to arrive at that conclusion. The ACLU’s membership, leadership, and projects soon gave rise to claims by critics that the organization’s acronym really stood for Atheists, Communists, and Libertines United, or Anti-Christian Lawyers Union. The ACLU was launched at a party given for Roger Baldwin upon his release from prison for draft evasion in 1919. The main attendees at the soiree were Norman Thomas, who would become the patriarch of the Socialist Party; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who would become the Communist Party’s national chairman; and Agnes Smedley, who would become a Soviet espionage agent in China. Top Communist Party officials who became national committee members or members of its board of directors included Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, William Z. Foster, Louis Budenz, Corliss Lamont, and Scott Nearing, as well as hundreds of Communist fellow travelers.

Roger Baldwin directed the ACLU for 30 years. Earlier, he described his own philosophy this way in his college yearbook: "I am for Socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the State itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal." He gave no evidence of ever having swerved from that goal.


If the Guard unit won’t keep tabs on these groups, some other official agency should.


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