Thursday, November 02, 2006

We're Screwed.

As I've said before, liberals are a bigger threat to this Country than Al Qaeda.

When you hear or read about some worthless, atheist liberal puke (this post is mainly just me letting off steam in response to a letter printed in a local paper, written by one such puke)screeching about the "Far Right", "Fundamentalist Christians”,” Christian fascists" or "zealots", etc translate that into what the left-wing savages really mean. What they're really saying is, "We're amoral degenerates and hate the fact that people with even the most basic moral values make us face how perverted we really are and, in order for us to feel good about ourselves, we MUST do away with the basic moral standards this Country held up until about 40 years ago".

40 years ago, would anyone outside of a few outspoken degenerates seriously be suggesting queers should be able to marry, or that abortion should be used as a form of birth control? For people under the age of 30, let me answer, NO! 40 years ago, would people opposed to the above be bashed as intolerant extremists and even compared to the Muslim fanatics with whom we are now at war? No. (Don’t bore me with the e-mails sniveling that all Muslims aren’t terrorists. I know that already)

I’m amazed at how far this Country has fallen just in my lifetime. Thanks in large part to the amoral left in both major political parties, this Country is on Its way down the toilet and It’s barely clinging to the rim.

As bad as it is now, (and Bush isn’t helping matters) it will be much worse if the Party of Degenerates and Traitors, (the DNC) win next Tuesday’s election. It looks like they may have an excellent chance.

Should they win, can anyone suggest a country I can escape to in a hot air balloon or something?


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