Monday, February 13, 2006

Alabama Baptist Church Arsons: My Theory


It appears that I was mistaken when I thought a group of sodomites were behind the arsons. It seems that the culprits were three college students with no apparent connection to homos.

There are reports however, that the arsonists, Russell Debusk, Matthew Cloyd and Ben Moseley were involved in satanism. reports that Debusk and Moseley told friends that they weere satanists on a hunt for knowlege. WND also reports that Cloyd wrote to to Moseley that they should defy the morals society and their parents instilled in them. So far I haven't read any reports that they were part of a larger conspiracy

I have a theory on who’s committing the rash of Baptist Church burnings in Alabama. I think when the people are caught, it will turn out to be a group of queers, perhaps enraged because a Baptist Church wouldn’t “marry” them. I tend to think that the individuals were outraged at the Baptist’s observance of the Biblical condemnation of sodomy.
I’m not the first to suggest that and as can be expected, the Left is sniveling at the idea. The reports say that two men, driving in a black SUV were observed near the scene of several of the arsons

While I haven’t read the complete details of the arsons, one of the reports mentioned that a swastika was painted either on or inside the Church. Had the Churches consisted of mostly minority congregations, it could be assumed that Skinheads or Nazis are the terrorists. But the torched churches consisted of black, white and mixed congregations. Labeling people as “Nazis” is a common slander used by the left against people they disagree with.

I also think that the investigation should focus a lot on the first, two or three churches burned. I think the arsonists were more than likely offended by a specific Baptist Church, and after torching that Church, decided to go continue the burnings.

I first suspected Satanists, or Secular Humanists (as if there is a difference between the two) but I doubt they would be as picky to only single out Baptist Churches.

I’m 95% sure that I’ll be proven correct.



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