Wednesday, February 28, 2007

President Bush< Please Take Your Balls Out Of Vicente Fox's Pocket

If there was ever a reason to impeach Mexico’s second president George Bush, it isn’t because of the left-wing myth he lied about Iraq having WMD’s it is because of his refusal to protect our border’s from the terror of illegal aliens.

It’s difficult to take Bush’s “war on terror” when he refuses to make any serious attempt to seal our border with Mexico and allows the wrongful prosecution of those who actually try.

Currently, Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are in federal prison for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler as he was bringing nearly 800 pounds of marijuana into our Country. Career drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila fought with agent Compean, knocking him down. Aldrete-Davila ran back toward the border and while he was running, he turned several times and pointed what appeared to be a weapon at the agents. The agents fired at the smuggler, but he escaped back into Mexico. What the agents didn’t know was the thug had been shot in the ass. (Too bad it wasn’t in the head)

Aldrete-Davila is a friend of Border Patrol agent Rene Sanchez, a nationalized Mexican who is suspected of ties to Mexican drug cartels. Sanchez told Aldrete-Davila he should sue the agents for violating his “civil rights”. Rather than investigating why a Border patrol agent has current ties to a Mexican drug runner, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent agents to Mexico to find Aldrete-Davila, and give him immunity to testify against the agents. The prosecutor for this case was U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, a Bush appointee.

The agents were prosecuted for shooting at an unarmed, fleeing subject. The agents say the smuggler was armed, while the smuggler claims he wasn’t. Who does the prosecution believe? The smuggler of course.

Family members of the smuggler were interviewed by a newspaper and they report Aldrete-Davila has been smuggling drugs since he was 14, and that he is always armed when running dope.

While waiting for the trial to testify against the agents, Aldrete-Davila was again arrested for running dope into the U.S. The gang of Sutton freed him and suppressed information about the arrest at the trial to keep from “prejudicing” the jury.

Agents of the DHS LIED about aspects of the case, claiming Compean and Ramos “knew” the drug smuggler was unarmed, destroyed evidence and said they were out to shoot Mexicans. When asked by several congressmen to support their claims, they refused to do so.

Agent Ramos was placed in the general population of the prison where he was brutally assaulted by several Mexican prisoners. One has to ask why a Border Patrol agent or any law-enforcement officer would be placed in a prison’s general population. I tend to suspect (My personal theory) DOJ and DHS officials wanted him to be killed so their handling of the case could be covered up.

U.S. Attorney Sutton has prosecuted another Law-Enforcement officer for doing his job. Texas Sheriff's Deputy Gilmer Hernandez attempted to stop a van full of illegal aliens after its driver ran a stop sign. The driver attempted to run Hernandez over and he shot at the van’s tires. One of the bullet fragments struck an illegal alien in the mouth and broke two of her teeth. WorldNetDaily reports the Texas Rangers were not going to prosecute Hernandez, but they had been removed from the case because the federal government was taking the case over. I strongly believe state and local governments should refuse to allow the federal government to take over cases like these and have the moral courage to refuse federal funds and be willing to take them to court for violating states rights under the Tenth Amendment.

Hernandez was convicted of violating the illegal alien’s “civil rights” and is now in a Del Rio prison awaiting sentencing.

WorldNetDaily has obtained documents showing the Mexican Consulate role in demanding Border Patrol agents Jose Compean, Ignacio Ramos and Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmore Hernandez be prosecuted for the incidents involving Mexican citizens in this Country illegally.

President Bush has either pardoned or commuted the sentences of 8 drug dealers. He should pardon these three law-enforcement officers who are in prison for doing their jobs.


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