Monday, November 06, 2006

We’re Screwed Part II: The Election about Everything, and Nothing

With the election this Tuesday comes the real threat of the Marxists (Demoncrats) coming into power again. While the Republicans may deserve to lose, the Demoncrats definitely DO NOT deserve to win! If those fools win this Country is finished and there is no longer any hope for it. I can’t say I’m too disappointed with Bush, I didn’t expect too much from him to begin with. Warning to Conservatives, never trust a person who calls himself “Conservative” but feels the need to add the qualifier, “compassionate”. “Compassionate Conservative” is him admitting in a deceptive way he’s just another Demoncrat, though slightly less Marxist.

I am however disappointed with the “Republicans” in the House and Senate. They should have had the balls to stand up to Bush, his big-spending and his protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our job in Afghanistan was finished when the Taliban was removed from power. Likewise in Iraq, our job was done when Saddam was defeated. We’re wasting time, money and American lives by trying to get Muslims to accept democracy.

The war and illegal immigration are the main reasons the Republicans will lose the House and maybe even the Senate this election. Even if they win, there will still be the usual RINOs blocking any real reform.

The national election aside, California will choose as governor an enviro-marxist, anti-gun, pro-queer goofball or an even more pro-queer, anti-gun and bigger enviro-marxist goofball. (I’m only mentioning the Republican and Demoncratic candidates as the other parties have no chance of winning anything larger than a local election) If you believe the polls, it looks like we’ll be stuck with the former. The former, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been endorsed by one of the most pro-marxist local papers in Monterey County, the Monterey County Weekly. As for me, I wrote in Tom McClintock

For Lt Governor, we have the choice of the pro-family, pro-gun Tom McClintock and near-marxist Demoncrat, Garamendi. Again, I chose McClintock. For Secretary of State we have the choice of the RINO Bruce McPherson (pro-queer, pro-abortion and often anti-gun) and some other guys who’s an even worse choice. I however refuse to vote for a liberal Republican in this case, especially one who was part of the liberal faction who took over the Monterey “Republican” Central Committee. I instead wrote in the name of one of my friends, Peter Kaiser. It was the voter guides provided by him that helped me make many of my choices.

For Attorney General, we have the choice Chuck Poochigian and (no joke) ex-governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown. (The horror, the horror) If Brown wins, and especially if he wins because of his name recognition, it will be proof that California is indeed overly populated by idiots.

In the 17th Congressional district we have an interesting situation. On one hand we have Sam Farr(left) who’s an enviro-marxist, anti-gun. Pro-queer world government goofball (he’s the only congressman to display the UN flag outside of his office) and the missing Republican candidate Anthony De Maio and write-in candidate Jeff Taylor. De Maio dropped out of sight since making it onto the ballot and I suspect he may even be a Demoncratic Party plant, set up to run so a real GOP candidate could be found to run to oppose Farr (left). Taylor, on the other hand describes himself as supporting traditional values and says he’s involved with Young Life, which I think is a Christian Youth group. However, my friend Kaiser spoke with him and reports that Taylor supports some gun control and supports bans on semi-auto weapons. Also highly distressing is the RINOs of the Monterey County “Republican” Central Committee support him. For those outside of this area, the MCRCC HATES Republicans with traditional values and actively works to keep them off of the Central Committee.

For the 27th State assembly district, we have the choice of a “big-tent”, pro-queer (Endorsed by the Log Cabin (queer) republicans) Michael Morrison and practicing queer and anti-gun Jim Laird. While Morrison is pro-gun, I refuse to vote for a “Republican” endorsed by the queer lobby.

There are also several bond issues on the ballot which I voted no on, and an initiative to protect private property rights from Imminent Domain confiscations, which I voted for. (Liberals hate private property, other people’s private property anyway)

Either way, California is as screwed as the rest of the Country.

God help us.




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