Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama’s Coming Out Party

Less than a month ago, North Carolina voted on a Constitutional amendment confirming the obvious definition of marriage. The amendment passed overwhelmingly. Point of fact, whenever the people and not a pro-homo legislative body vote on the issue of homo “marriage”, even in big gay California, they vote in favor of naturally defined marriage. As expected, the degenerates who embrace the queer agenda went bitchcakes over the North Carolina vote. In an apparent response to the North Carolina vote, vice-president, Joe (foot-in-mouth) Biden announced he was totally fine with homo “marriage”. Supposedly, his views were in opposition to those of his boss, who had claimed he felt marriage was between a man and a woman. REALLY??? Who’s the man who won’t enforce the Defense Of Marriage Act and ordered the military to allow openly practicing sodomites to serve? No, It wasn’t Shaft, it was Obama. However, Foot-in-mouth Biden forced Obama to come roaring out of the closet a bit sooner than I think he would have wanted to. (Some people think the whole incident was planned and that’s possible) OF COURSE Obama is down with the homos!(which makes for truly strange bed fellows) He only claimed he opposed queer “marriage” to keep gullible blacks and somewhat conservative Democrats voting for him. Several days after Biden announced he’s OK with queer “marriage”, Obama went on a news show and announced that he had “evolved” and now supports homo “marriage” Obama obviously feels free to turn his back (so to speak) on black democrats in order to suck up (again, so to speak) to white homos and the amoral degenerate liberals who support them. I’m betting many black Democrats will still vote for him. They’re more concerned about keeping “the brotha’” in office than in standing up for the few Biblical principles they may still hold. If not, so what? Blacks are called a minority for a reason. What’s really disgusting about this election is there really is no pro-family alternative. Romney (i.e., Obama-wite) is even more snuggly in bed with the sodomites. While Romney claims he recognizes the definition of marriage as between one man and (only) one woman (Going against his Mormon ancestors) he’s the man WHO SIGNED HOMO “MARRIAGE” INTO LAW in Massachusetts!!! Not only that, he thinks homo couples should have the right to ADOPT CHILDREN!!! Hijo de puta, This Country is in trouble!!! Robot 831-241-4767


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