Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

Answer: NO WHERE!

You may have noticed that for the past 10-20 years, few people have been willing admit to being liberals. Usually, when someone is asked if they’re a Conservative or a Liberal they’ll usually either claim they’re a “moderate” meaning they’re only wrong half the time, or they’ll say there neither Conservative, nor Liberal, meaning they’re either too stupid or their moral compass too corrupt to have a consistent opinion.

Generally, whenever I hear anyone claim either of the two, the next thing out of their mouths is a recitation of the usual stream of liberal nonsensical, degenerate, race-baiting talking points. Frankly, I don’t recall EVER hearing someone claim they were a “moderate” and that wasn’t the case.

Another comment I’ll hear from liberals, pardon me, “moderates” is that “it takes two wings to fly”, which if we were talking about an actual bird that way too often used quote would make sense. But, since we’re talking about the direction This Country should be headed, it’s just more mindless gibberish.

Now there is a slight difference between Democrats and Liberals. There are some Democrats who aren’t total moral degenerates, with an illogical hatred of successful people. That is rarely the case with an actual liberal. Be VERY aware of a person who actually admits to being a Liberal. They’re almost always a hard corps Communist or Marxist in every way except for having a membership card in their wallet.

Now I do have some good friends who are Democrats and even a few who are liberals. None of the liberals I consider friends are of the activist variety. I can usually talk with them in a civil manner as long as I try to forget about the damage they’ve done and are yet doing to This Country.

While Liberals trying to fool people into believing they’re not Liberals by calling themselves “moderates” or sometimes even “Progressives” (Which is nothing more than an admission they’re Communists) is nothing new, there is a new angle I just heard about today (14 December 2010).

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he was speaking of a movement called “No Labels”. In summary, No Labels is an assortment of Liberal and/or Marxist goofballs who claim they are neither Left nor Right but are “Americans, concerned for “their” Country”. In actuality, “No Labels” is a sordid assortment of Liberal Democrats, Liberal Republicans (i.e. RINOs) Liberal “independents” etc., who are trying a liberal version of the Vulcan mind-meld thing to fool people into believing they’re anything but liberals.

In other words, don’t be fooled. In spite of the wins gain by Republicans (Some of whom are merely RINOs) and some Tea Party favorites, there are plenty of liberals whose Prime Directive is to transform the United Stated into another Cuba or Venezuela.

Always remember, whenever you hear some Liberal puke talking about “bi-partisanship”, or being “civil” and/or “centrist”, what they really mean is getting RINOs and other limp-wristed Republicans willing to sell out Conservative principle into helping them in achieving their Prime Directive.



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