Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Can Trust the Demoncrats, To Try and Steal an Election

When things seem to be going really well, that’s when I worry most. I’ve noticed often when I get in too good of a mood, something comes along and ruins it. Hopefully, this upcoming election won’t be one of those times.

In spite of the predictions of a Republican, and perhaps even a Conservative victory I’m already preparing myself for disappointment. When dealing with liberals, one thing should never be forgotten. Liberals, which includes many, if not most Demoncrats have no concept of common decency or fair play. At least not when it keeps them from promoting their Marxist-lite political agenda.

Liberals have no problem lying about their opponents, vandalizing their property and absolutely no qualms about cheating during elections. In fact, cheating during elections is something Demoncrats have mastered, with varying successes over the years. One should never forget the Chicago election where the dead voted for Lyndon Johnson.

Perhaps because denying a dead person the right to vote simply because they are no longer living is discriminatory.

There are already reports of electronic voting machines in Nevada pre-selecting Demoncrat Harry Reid, voting machines which, by the way, are maintained by SEIU union members. In several states, military absentee ballots are being delayed in getting out to the soldiers. You may recall during the 2000 election, the Demoncrats tried to keep absentee ballots mailed by military members overseas from being counted because they were delivered late to their respective precincts.

Military members are more prone to vote Republican than Demoncratic.

Illegal aliens voted in the Congressional between Loretta Sanchez (DSA Progressive Caucus) and Bob Dornham. Even after it was proven illegal aliens voted in the election, it was upheld and Dornham lost his seat.

The stage has been set for the same kind of voter fraud because poll workers in many places are not allowed to ask voters for proof of identity.

With so much to lose in this election, you can be assured the Demoncrats are GOING TO CHEAT THEIR ASSES OFF!

Michael Steele is claiming that already, Demoncrats plan to challenge their losses in court and steal elections with the help of Left-Wing, activist judges.

Still, I hoping and praying for the best.



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