Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Time to Panic is NOW!!!

At least, that’s what some alarmist conspiracy goofballs would have you believe.

Last weekend, I attended a meeting of Conservative activists. After discussing several local issues our group wanted to be involved in, the topic turned to preparing a three-day survival pack in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

The man who was asked to write a blog on survival preparations for the group website told us that a three-day pack wasn’t enough. He told us that a three-day pack wouldn’t have been enough for the people during the Katrina, adding that if an emergency lasted more than three days he would go after the person who wrote the article about preparing a pack for only three days.

Personally, if a disaster lasted more than three days, going after a person who wrote a blog posting would be the last thing on my to do list. His initial comments alone led me to believe his magazines weren’t topped off. But he went on, making him seem (if possible) even goofier.

He claimed there were foreign troops, on US soil, (which he had claimed to have seen) brought here for the sole purpose enforcing martial law. He also claimed there were Soviet tanks in America with UN markings and added that because of some executive order, the US Constitution had been abolished.

That would be news to the many court cases dealing with appeals to various laws based on their being against the US Constitution.

His rants reminded me of some of the tales I heard back in the dark ages of the Clinton era (which now seem bright compared to the B.O. administration) when there were many a panicked tale of Soviet tanks on railway flatbeds, (uncovered for the whole world to see) bus stations transformed into containment areas, equipped with guillotines for beheading patriots, foreign troops in place for disarming Americans, black helicopters here, there and everywhere doing dark, evil things like…flying, etc, etc. Many of these tales were reported in The Spotlight magazine, an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory rag whose articles made the rants of Alex Jones appear sane.

Now, I believe in some conspiracies and I know there are people in government and left-wing activist who would LOVE to have martial law declared so they can have their way with the American people and especially Conservative Christians, but for them to actually try that would wake up even some of the more inattentive people in This Country and there would be a backlash. And, by the way there have ALWAYS been foreign troops in This Country. We have foreign allies whose soldiers come here for training they can’t receive in their home countries and yes there are some Soviet-era tanks on our soil. They are also used for training. Ever heard of Ft Irwin? I don’t know if it is still open but when it was, it was a base where soldiers were trained to fight against soldiers using soviet equipment.

Also, I’m all for being prepared for emergencies and disasters. During the Y2K scare, I tried to store up supplies in case The Country descended into a Mad Max/Red Dawn situation. However, as the date came closer I started to relax a bit. (Not that I was stressing out over it to begin with) I started to figure that at worst, there would be a few, minor problems and the main thing I would have to deal with would be my VCR and microwave oven clock flashing “0000”, which didn’t happen either.

Perhaps a three-day pack isn’t enough. Had I the funds, I would prefer to have enough supplies for a month or so. I’ve heard that the “three-day” preparation rule is because it is assumed that FEMA will take three days to arrive and render aid. That being the case, a month of preparations sounds much better than three days.

Preparation is a good thing. Spreading panicky stories is not.

Sane people will disregard anything else you say.

P.S., Anyone interested in 15 cases of MREs and a crate of toilet paper? Also, stay tuned for my book on how to form a militia, shoot down black helicopters and fight against the New World Order.



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