Monday, November 05, 2012

Selling Out

I confess I’m selling out. Granted, it’s not my first time. When my former heroine, Ann Coulter hopped into bed with the queer lobby and spoke at the Homocon event a while back, I stated I would NEVER buy any of her books again. I had planned to finish reading the books of hers I had already purchased and never buy anything written by her again. But then I bought her book Mugged and I will probably continue to buy her books even though she seems to have sold out long before I did. My current act of selling out is on a larger scale than buying a few books from a pro-queer “Conservative” woman. After all, most women aren’t as disgusted by homosexuality as is the average straight male, so maybe I can forgive her for that. After stating repeatedly that I would NOT vote for pro-socialized medicine, pro-queer “marriage” anti-gun Mittens-the-RINO Romney, I’ve changed my mind. Up until about a month ago, had a giant hand appeared in my living room and wrote on the wall: “THOU SHALT VOTETH FOR THE RINO CALLED MITT ROMNEY” I would have been more likely to ask the giant hand for two forms of ID before I’d agree to vote for Romney. Now, with my hands covered by non-latex, powder-free rubber gloves, I’ll be voting for Mittens the RINO Romney. I have several reasons for doing this, one being This Country is in trouble and It can’t survive another four years with the Black Bolshevik and his meddling, perpetually angry wife living in the White House. Yeah, Romney is a flip-flopping RINO, but unlike Obama, Romney doesn’t hate This Country. One thing I have to grudgingly admit about flip-flopping RINOs, occasionally (Though rarely) they flip toward the good side. The Mocha Marxist, on the other hand is wrong 95% of the time. By the way, I wrote “95%” to give him the benefit of the doubt. I suppose what it all boils down to is hate. That was pretty much the case during the last presidential election. I despise McCain and had no intention of voting for him until the Sunday before the election. That Sunday, I went down to the local protest spot and saw the motley collection of degenerate Obama supporters and noticed something. I hate these people much more (well, maybe not “much” more) than I hate McCain and at least had McCain had Sarah Palin as his political “beard” (See definition at the end of this rant) and running mate. Perhaps if McCain won, he’d fall and break his neck, while running from a Conservative issue and Palin would be president. Strangely enough, I don’t think I hate Obama as much as I used to. The people I do hate (personal friends and most acquaintances excluded) are the collection of intentionally uninformed (In other words, STUPID), race-baiting, collectivist, wealth-hating, Christian-hating, lying Marxist fools who worship the Colored Communist no matter what he does. Should the Colored Communist lose, his worshippers are going to go (even more) berserk. Some may even riot. I really don’t see why the Obamabots have such a hatred for Romney, there’s not all that much of a difference between the two of them. Both the Narcissistic Negro and Romney are anti-gun, though Romney claims he’s “pro-2nd Amendment”. Both of them are in favor of queer “marriage”. Obama expressed his support with his words, Romney showed his support by actually signing queer “marriage” into law in Massachusetts. Both support government-controlled health care. (Again, why am I voting for Romney, O yeah, my hatred for the other side, must keep reminding myself of that) Should Romney win, he won’t “turn things around”. The most he’ll do is slow things down and hopefully, the Republicans will control Congress and won’t send him any liberal-inspired bills either from the Demoncrats or the RINOs. Speaking of which, hopefully the Republicans will send Cave Man Boehner packing. (“Cave Man” as in he often caves in to what the Demoncrats want) I’m sure I’ve disappointed some people, probably myself most of all. I know some of my friends will hold fast to their Conservative beliefs and will still refuse to vote for the RINO. Hopefully, no hard feelings. Robot 831-241-4767 P.S. Definition: “Beard” A hot woman, paid or not, who hangs out with a homo to camouflage the fact that he’s a homo. “Political Beard” A Conservative woman (i.e. Sarah Palin) or a man (i.e. Paul Ryan) who runs with a RINO to camouflage the fact that he’s a RINO.


Blogger Harry K. said...

Hey, ROBOT. I miss seein' you around the TPC. I hope all is well with you. God bless you, and take care!

Blogger ROBOT said...

Yeah, it's been a while. I just get tired of dealing with some of the liberal pukes there.

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