Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bush Lied, Illegals Ride (at taxpayer expense)

It’s bad enough that Bush is calling for amnesty to be given to illegal aliens under S.1348, the miss-named “Secure” Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration reform Act of 2007, he insults our intelligence by claiming the bill doesn’t call for amnesty. That’s a flat out lie. Basically, Bush is peeing on our backs and telling us it’s raining.

Some of the amnesties this bill include (as reported in TheNewAmerican.com, the webpage of the John Birch Society) are:

Z-Visa AMNESTY, for illegal aliens who CLAIM to have been in the U.S. prior to 1 January 2007.

Agricultural AMNESTY, for illegal aliens in the Country as farm workers

Dream Act AMNESTY, for illegal aliens who’ve snuck into the Country and have graduated from an American high school

Employer AMNESTY, for businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens

If one wants to give Bush the benefit of the doubt, you could either say he’s an idiot and/or totally out of touch with much of the Republican base. I didn’t see his speech about the issue, but I assume he spoke with a straight face when he claimed people opposed to the AMNESTY bill didn’t want what was right for America.

Bush seems to be accomplishing what the left has been trying to do for years. That is destroying the Republican Party. (Come on libs, you can tell me. Bush is really one of you isn’t he?) This bill isn’t “right for America” and it definitely isn’t right for the Republican Party. The Republican National Committee has laid off all 65 of their phone solicitors. While the RNC claim it’s because they’re updating their phone system, several solicitors told WorldNetDaily it was because of a 40% drop in small donor contributions. (Presumably, the RNC is still getting donations from businesses that rely on the cheap labor of illegal aliens and from the checked-pants, country-club Republicans, who’ve never had loyalty to any true Republican principles other than lower taxes.)

One solicitor told the Washington Times donors have been angry about the immigration issue

Note to Bush, when you find yourself on the same side as (Red) Ted Kennedy, whether it’s the No Child Left behind Act or immigration “reform”, you’re on the WRONG SIDE.

For those who forgot, or who weren’t paying attention, Red Ted supported the 1965 immigration bill, claiming it would not the bill would not flood cities with immigrants or cause Americans to lose their jobs. The drunken Marxist also sponsored the 1986 amnesty bill (Under Reagan, who at least had the decency to call it an amnesty bill) claiming the bill would only give amnesty to only 1.3 million or so illegal aliens and that the borders would be secured and there would never be another amnesty bill like it proposed.

Now the clown is calling for the same thing now that we have nearly 13 million illegal aliens in the Country.

Another person who supports the current AMNESTY bill is John McCain, a totally worthless individual who would best serve the Republican Party by switching to the DNC.

One other person of questionable reliability who supports the AMNESTY bill is former Clinton aid and ex-toe-sucker (?) Dick Morris. Morris claims if the Republicans oppose amnesty, the illegal aliens who are allowed to stay in the Country, and the many, many who follow won’t vote for Republicans. Let me understand this, illegal aliens who enter this Country and receive government handouts will vote for the Republican Party who generally support less government handouts (perhaps Morris sees the Republican Party heading into another, more socialist direction in the future) instead of the Democratic Party who rely on providing handouts to keep their base voting for them.

But then again, Morris predicted Hillary Clinton would never run for senate, the DNC would be destroyed in the ’98 mid-term elections (the reds won five House seats and held their Senate seats) and other failed predictions.

If Bush were serious about dealing with illegal aliens, he would secure our borders, cut off handouts to illegal aliens and severely punish employers who hire them.

Instead, if this bill is passed we will have more illegal aliens (and no Dick, they won’t be voting Republican) and more of the crime and government spending associated with them.

Meanwhile, two Border Patrol Agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean sit in prison, for doing their jobs and Bush refuses to pardon them or give them amnesty.




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