Friday, May 10, 2013

Will the Abortion Lobby Support Murder charges for Ariel Castro? Probably Not

You may have heard that Ariel Castro, kidnapper and rapist may also be charged with murder. I've a hunch that won't happen and the main people fighting against murder charges will be those in the abortion lobby. One of Castro's victims was impregnated 5 times due to being raped by Castro. Each time Castro murdered the pregnant girl's child by punching the girl in the stomach. For there to be a murder charge, it would have to be acknowledged that the unborn fetus is in fact, a human being ( I would argue that an unborn fetus is more of a human being than most liberals, but I digress), the one thing the abortion lobby would NEVER admit. One may say Castro should be charged with murder because of the brutal way the children were aborted. An ethical person would consider abortion using a chemical that burns the fetus, or ramming a pair of scissors into the back of a fetus' head and vacuuming the brains out to be fairly brutal. Some of the less fanatical pro-abortion folks may say Castro should be charged with murder because it wasn't the girl's choice that her baby be aborted. I would respond, "So you mean if a woman chooses to murder her unborn child, then it isn't murder? as Robot would say, "That does not compute"" Ariel Castro is an animal. If his crimes stopped at kidnapping three girls, that alone should be enough to execute him. The fact that he also raped them should definitely earn him the death penalty. The murder of the five unborn children should cinch the case for executing him. P.S., I know Castro hasn't been convicted or even tried yet so if you want to mentally preface "allegedly" to my comments, go ahead. As for me I would have no problem putting a few rounds in the back of his head. Robot 831-241-4767


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