Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out of the closet and into your child's locker room

Several weeks, Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown signed a bill into law that will allow cross dressers in public schools to play on sports teams and use facilities, INCLUDING RESTROOMS AND LOCKER ROOMS based on the gender they “identify” with.

While I’m thoroughly disgusted with this law, being that this is California and Jerry Brown we’re talking about, I’m not at all surprised. This is the state that went against the vote of the people and went to the US Supreme Court in order to overturn a law against queer “marriage”

If I’m to understand this law correctly, a boy who “identifies” himself as being a girl can play on a girl’s soccer team and then use the same shower with them after the game is over. One has to be a complete fool, or a liberal (same thing) to not see anything wrong with that.

Here’s some information for parents of “transgender” (cross dressing) children, if your child was born with male parts, but he “identifies” himself as female, HE’S A FREAK and has serious mental issues. Don’t be an enabler of the goofball’s fantasies, get him some friggin’ help!

If your child is a blond-haired, blue-eyed white boy of Norwegian and German ancestry, but he “identifies” himself as being Negro, are you going to let him check the box for African American in his college application so he can get into a college under their affirmative action program?

Another thing to think about, a normal guy who claims to “identify” himself as a female, so he could shower with females would have a rather obvious, physical reaction arise once in the shower with them.

No problem. All he has to say is that while he “identifies” himself as being female, he is also a lesbian.





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