Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Abomination Continues

Once again, a degenerate from San Francisco is attempting to legalize queer “marriages”. The bill is being sponsored by state assemblyman Mark Leno, a demoncrat. (Of course) The bill was approved in a California, Senate committee, the majority of demoncrats voting for the bill and the majority of Republicans voting against.

The bill has also been endorsed by the United Farm Workers. I’m puzzled as to why a farmer’s union would go out of their way to support queer “marriage”, but the supporters of sodomy hope the endorsement will influence Latinos to support queer “marriage”. The acceptance of sodomites is a hard sell with the majority of Latinos and if you can get them away from their politically-correct, (and morally-degenerate) race-baiting, quota-black leaders, a hard sell for blacks too.

The city of Los Angeles voted to support queer “marriages” last Tuesday. (12 July) The march toward Sodom, Gomorrah and hell continues.

As reported by today’s (13 July) Monterey County Herald, Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for California families said, ‘Californians are learning (as if they didn’t know already.) that the Democratic Party has become the party of homosexual ‘marriage’”

As I mentioned in my previous post about queer “marriage”, California voted overwhelmingly in opposition to the “marrying” of sodomites. The vote took place on 7 March 2000 and the vote was, as noted by, 61.4% in favor of normal, traditional marriage and 38.6% in favor of the unnatural, degenerate alternate.

The only good that can possibly come from this is that the news footage of “marrying” queers lip-locking with each other will be broadcast from one end of the Country to the other and inflame (no pun intended) the public to vote another Republican victory in the next national election.

As for California, I can almost hear the heavenly F-18s preparing for a Holy napalm strike.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would this website exist if you were getting like, ANY pussy at all?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps pussy isn't what he's after. It turns out, homophobia is associated with homosexual arousal. The penis does not lie I guess.

Blogger ROBOT said...

Sounds more like wishful thinking on your part, another faggot fantasy.


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