Monday, August 20, 2007

The Left And Their Relentless Attack On Free Speech

“You can do it your own way, if it's done just how I say”-Metallica

Last year I had a post about liberals and their opposition to freedom of speech. The left only supports freedom of speech when it’s treasonous, seditious, blasphemous (against Christians anyway) and or obscene.

At that time I was mainly speaking of the vandalism done to my vehicle and about a Marxist (Who ran a pirate radio station called “Freedom of Speech’ ironically) who told me I should remove bumper stickers from my car because he didn’t agree with them.

Now most leftists would say those were isolated incidents and that the left really does support freedom of speech.

Several incidents over the past year or so have proven that to be a lie. There is the example of KSCO 1080 AM out of Santa Cruz. The left wanted a boycott of the station because of it having Rush Limbaugh on their station and a bit more recently, a Marxist/Trekkie geek blogger attempted to have several hosts on KSFO 560AM fired. When that failed he and his collaborators tried to scare advertisers away from using the station. As is typical of the left, they accused several of the station’s commentators of using “hate” speech. By definition, “hate” speech is anything said or written that a liberal puke would disagree with.

Two of the most recent offensives by the left against free speech are the attacks on radio host Michael Savage and columnist Ann Coulter.

On Tuesday, August 14th Gerardo Sandoval of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, introduced a resolution to condemn Michael savage for, you guesses it “Hate” speech. When speaking about of left-wing students who were doing a hunger strike in support of illegal aliens, Savage said they should fast until they starve to death, which by the way seems like a decent plan to me.

Sandoval claimed the remarks were “symbolic of hatred and racism”. The left always attempts to slander people opposed to illegal immigration as being opposed to legal immigration and of hating Hispanics.

The resolution needed a unanimous vote but failed because supervisor Ed Jew voted against the resolution. Not surprisingly, Sandoval attempted to play the race card and claimed Jew would have supported the resolution had Savage made the comments against Asian-Americans. (Jew is a Chinese-American)

The next example yet to happen but is now in then planning stages. The Marxist/Atheist group the People for the “American” Way, a group opposed to the freedom of speech and religion (Christianity anyway) are plotting a protest against Ann Coulter at her upcoming talk at the Xavier University in Cincinnati. The protest will be joined by the usual collection of Reds, Xavier’s Gay-Straight Alliance, Amnesty International, and Habitat for Humanity etc.

Perhaps the Ohio National Guard can make an appearance and hopefully their aim has improved since 1970.

The endgame of the lefts attacks on non-liberal speech is to bring back the “Fairness” Doctrine and other laws that will limit the free speck of non-liberals. The “fairness” Doctrine will require “equal” time for opposing views. With most of the successful shows being somewhat Right of center, non-liberal radio will be adversely affected. Why? I for one, for the most part do not care to hear what some left-wing puke feels. (I say feel because few leftists actually think about issues. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, if liberals would actually think, they’d be Conservatives.)

The “Fairness” Doctrine has been defeated for the time being, but the left has other ideas in mind. One, reported by WorldNetDaily would require broadcasters to show they are operating in the “public interest”.

Does anyone want a bunch of liberal pukes deciding what the “public interest” is?




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