Friday, September 26, 2008

The Left Finally admits it, they’re Racist

Of course, that isn’t news to any thinking person. The Left has always operated on the belief that Blacks and other minorities can’t succeed in life without their liberal, White massa’s to he’p them with government programs. Race-baiting poverty-pimps like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other assorted left-wing activists help them promote the myth.

Now after the failure of enviro-Marxist Al Gore and light-Marxist John Kerry to beat George (RINO) Bush Jr. in the last two presidential elections, the left is now running the Mocha-Marxist, B. Hussein Obama (B.O.) as presidential nominee.

Surprisingly, they even appear to be doing so with a straight face so far. B.O. is a one-term U.S. Senator who has no qualifications other than hating America , being close friends with a 60’s era terrorist, (Ayers) having had for twenty years a goofy, racist, anti-American head case as a pastor, and being a community “organizer”. By the way, the community group he “organized” with is a group called ACORN which is well known for voter fraud.

The Left claims people may not vote for B.O. because he’s *gasp* a Negro. (The horror, the horror.)

Even if B.O. was a blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan-looking man or even a hot-looking blond woman with Ann Coulter’s looks, no Republican (with the possible exception of some RINOs (Republican In Name Only)) would vote for him.

So, the only logical conclusion one came come to is the Left fears their own racist, white comrades will refuse to vote for the black guy. Sure, they feel it’s acceptable to scare blacks and other minorities into voting for them and their policies, but to actually have one as PRESIDENT? Lenin forbid! (Perhaps they also fear there’ll be fried chicken and grape soda at the inaugural ball)

Why wouldn’t any liberal feel comfortable voting for McCain? After all, he’s practically one of them. Other their stand on the war in Iraq (which will probably be all but won by the time the next president takes office) there’s not much difference between them.

Of course now that McCain needs the support of the Conservatives he’s trashed his whole time in office, he’s now posing as a real Republican. He even chose Sarah Palin (Who’s more qualified than either McCain or B.O.) as his running mate and Conservative “beard” to fool some Conservatives into voting for him.

Of course Palin will only be VICE-president and her main job after waking will be to check to see if McCain has died overnight.

The left knows this (even if many Conservatives don’t) and some will have no problem voting for McCain rather than the unknown black guy.

So basically, the Left fears the racists among their own comrades.

The race card has been played, and it’s a Spade.




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