Saturday, February 09, 2008

'Rather a Bullet in the Brain, than a Vote for McCain

We Are So, So Screwed

This upcoming presidential election, barring some miracle is a battle of the liberals. On the Red side, the choice will either be an evil Marxist broom jockey AKA: HilLIARy (Shriek) Clinton or Obama Hussein, the Mocha Marxist. On the Republican side the choice is RINO, Pink Elephant John McCain and whichever liberal chosen to run with him.

No one with a brain and who doesn’t use drugs, or is dependent on government handouts needs to be told what a disaster for this Country Shriek and the Mocha Marxist will be, but some people who don’t follow the political scene may be fooled into voting for the Pink Elephant.

Other than his support for the continuing Iraq War, nothing much separates him from The Shriek or the Mocha Marxist.

As pointed out by Ann Coulter and others, mccain: supports illegal aliens, opposes a Constitutional Amendment banning queer “marriage”, called U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito “too conservative” wants to shut down Guantanamo supports taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell use, believes in the myth of “global warming” and not only opposed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, but considered being a running mate to COMRADE JOHN KERRY!

If that weren’t enough, he opposes overturning Roe v. Wade (frankly, while I’m generally opposed to abortion, it isn’t one of my major social issues because the vast majority of the people who have them are liberals, and anything that keeps them from overpopulating can have its uses) he bashed Pat Robertson and the Reverend Jerry Falwell and “agents of intolerance” and part of the “forces of evil”.

Lastly, mccain has been endorsed by California RINO Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger-Kennedy. That alone should be enough for anyone true Republican to not support him.

In general, the Country Club, Pink Elephant RINOs, have nothing but contempt for Conservative Republicans and their push to do away with them began in the 50’s with groups like the Ripon Society and continued (successfully) in the 90’s with the “Mainstream’ (liberal) Republican group, which took over many of California’s County Republican central Committees.

You may notice how some of their ilk are joining online forums and attempting to herd the people who aren’t fooled by mccain into voting for him using insults, claiming refusing to support the clown “aren’t true Republicans” and attempting to use the specter of a HilLIARy presidency to scare us into voting for into voting for the RINO, Steve Martin look-alike.

While I would never even jokingly consider voting for Shriek or the Mocha Marxist, I sure as HELL won’t be voting for mccain.

The worse thing about a mccain presidency is that if he wins, the principles of the Republican Party will be forever abandoned and anyone even slightly more Conservative than mccain will be labeled as an “extremist”.

Unfortunately, this Country appears to be finished and sadly, there’s no other country to run to.




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