Monday, January 07, 2008

Bush; The Best President Mexico Ever Had

Once again, Bush has refused to pardon or to even commute the sentences of Border patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, even though prosecutor Johnny Sutton, the assistant U.S. Attorney in the case admitted Drug dealer Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila lied under oath when he testified.

Agents Compean and Ramos were convicted and sent to prison for shooting Aldrete-Davila after he turned and pointed what appeared to be a gun at them as he fled back across the border into Mexico. Aldrete-Davila was only slightly injured and the two agents didn’t know they hit the smuggler.

A Federal Appeals Court judge, E. Grady Jolly remarked that it seemed the government overreacted in the prosecution of the two agents.

“Overreacted” may be an understatement. Government prosecutors went to Mexico and offered the smuggler immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against the two agents. Prosecutors also withheld from the jury that Aldrete-Davila was arrested several months later for, of course drug smuggling.

One would think that would be enough for Bush to give Compean and Ramos a full pardon, but no. Bush Is Mexico’s punk and quite possibly the best president Mexico has ever had.

Since Bush has been in office he’s pardoned nearly a hundred people, more than a few of them had been convicted of drug dealing and manufacturing. Several of these dealers weren’t just into marijuana and hashish, several dealt in cocaine.

Unfortunately, we will probably get no relief after this next election. Obviously if one of the Marxists, posing as a Democrat wins they’ll do all they can to suck up to Mexico and will probably do everything in their power to allow illegal aliens to vote.

Several of the alleged front runners of the Republican Party, namely Giuliani, McCain and Huckabee won’t do much about illegal aliens either.

Once again, we’re screwed.




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