Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Rare Win for the Second Amendment

Today I received somewhat of a birthday present. While I don’t live in the West Coast’s Sin City (San Francisco), I was born there. (Before all of the hippies, sodomites and other various freaks moved there) The California State Court of Appeals struck down a law in the City of Sodomy that would have banned the sale and ownership of handguns and all ammunition.

The NRA successfully sought an injunction against the law’s enforcement in 2005. But regardless, the Sodomite City’s Board of Supervisors lead by Mayor Gavin (Gruesome) Newsom approved penalties consisting of a $1000 fine or 90 days to six months in jail.

This is a big win for the Second Amendment. But, as one person posted to the Ca-Firearms Yahoo group,“Socialists NEVER give up trying to control every aspect of life in the proletariat.” and that Gruesome Newsom and crowd can still appeal the ruling to the California State Supreme Court.

For now, I just accept this birthday present and the rare win against the anti-gun cowards.




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