Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Democratic Party’s True Color is Red

I mean Red as in Communism, Marxism and Leninism. I’ve always said there’s little to no difference between most liberals and Communists. The only difference being what they will admit to believing in public.

A Liberal for example, wants all the same things that a communist would want, but they will deny to the death that they are in fact, Communist. A communist on the other hand will freely admit what he is and will tell you he wants the government to collect and manage your private property.

Rep. Maxine Waters, Democrat from California showed her true colors during a House panel “investigating” the high cost of gasoline.

Waters told the panel and several oil company executives that if gas prices aren’t lowered the government should take over and run the companies. One of the executives pointed out that Venezuela, under Dictator Hugo Chavez (Who, along with Fidel Castro is a hero of the left) did the same thing. I’m sure Waters had Chavez and Fidel Castro in mind when she dusted off this old, faded idea.

While that is the feeling of most democrats and liberals, it’s surprising to actually hear one admit that in public. However, Waters is not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

It should also be remembered that Waters is a member of the House Progressive Caucus. The Progressive Caucus consists of the most Marxist-minded of the House Democrats.

(See the New American article on the Progressive Caucus: http://www.thenewamerican.com/node/905)

For years I’ve been listening to Liberals praising all things Communist. Their plans for society consist of having the government not only providing every needs of U.S. citizens, were they to have they way, we would also be providing handouts to the rest of the world. That is, more than we already are.

As I mentioned before one of the Left’s primary heroes is Fidel Castro. About a year ago or so I attended a discussion about Castro’s Cuba put on by the Pastors For “Peace’ and the local “peace” activist. During the lecture (rant) one of the speakers said there are no rich in Cuba. He ecstatically proclaimed “In Cuba you’re not allowed to be rich”

At a more recent event put on by the same Reds, the praise of Castro continued. Among the group was a businessman who has legal and illegal dealings with Cuba. He had the audacity to tell this group that most of the recent (presumably positive) reforms in Cuba would not have happened had Castro still been in power rather than his brother Raul.

This of course enraged some of the attendees of this Castro worship service. (Ironically, this meeting was held in a Church fellowship room.) There were outbursts from several of the worshippers who opposed hearing their god so “slighted”.

One woman claimed Cuba is the example the U.S. should follow in order for us to deal with global “warming” and water “shortages’, etc.

Were these Marxist fools simply confined to Carmel, Santa Cruz and Berkeley, the situation wouldn’t be so grave. Unfortunately, we have at least two of the same ilk running for president, and a third while though he calls himself a Republican, will not be much different.

We’re screwed.




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