Monday, November 04, 2013

Arrow Vs Guns

Arrow Vs Guns

Strike One for the series Arrow (Generally, after three strikes, i stop watching a series). This latest episode shoveled out a heavy dose of anti-gun propaganda.

A new gang leader in The Glades of Star City has armed his gang with stolen U.S. Military M-4 assault rifles (Yes, I mean assault rifles in the technical definition and not the semi-auto weapons the anti-gun pukes are trying to ban).

To combat the increase of gun violence, Oliver Queen/Arrow funds a gun "buy-back" program. The term "buy-back" is a misnomer. You can't "buy-back" a gun you never owned in the first place.

As a tool for fighting gun violence, gun "buy back" programs are less than useless. Queen/Arrow seems to be fairly intelligent and appears to have some knowledge of the criminal mind. Does he really think that The Mayor or any other thug is going to turn in his gun, especially an M-4 assault rifle for cash. Why would a hoodlum turn in their gun for a one time cash payment when they can use them multiple times to steal cash?

The gang leader, who calls himself The Mayor gives a speech to his crew that could have been written by Sarah Brady, in which he says he was a weak man until he got his assault rifles.

Aside from this one episode, and the fact that the Oliver Queen/(Green) Arrow character has been re-written to the point to where he's barely recognizable from the original DC Comics Green Arrow (more on that later), it is a good and entertaining series.


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