Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Right-Wing War against Police

Am I the only one who’s noticing the disturbing trend of police-bashing by “Conservatives”? Hatred of the police by liberals, while irritating is pretty much expected. I personally think that’s due to the basic cowardice of liberals. Liberals admire criminals because they would also like to break laws, but fear being caught and punished.

As for “Conservatives”, it’s as if many of them have taken up smoking dope and have lost completely lost the ability for rational thought (And yes, I still think dopers should be lined up and shot, and I don’t really care if they’re lined-up first).

You may have seen some of the same videos I’ve viewed, where only a PORTION of an incident is shown, often only the part where the police have had to use force on some resisting violator. Many of the comments under the video are by cop-bashing fools who think they’re experts how police should respond to an incident.

There’s the video (Actually, several still photos) of a female jogger who’s being arrested by police. According the official story (And no, conspiracy goofballs, “official” story doesn’t mean “cover” story (necessarily), it means the story uncovered by investigators who were actually there, and not by armchair, wannabe police review board members watching a video on YouTube) the woman was jaywalking and was refusing to cooperate with the police.

Oddly, none of the photos show a physical confrontation between the airhead and the officers. Of course that didn’t stop the cop-bashers from attacking the police, accusing them of “brutalizing this ditz over a traffic violation. Clue, if you resist the police, whether it’s a traffic violation, or a triple murder, they’re not going to just drop their heads, mutter “ah shucks” and head off to the nearest donut shop (Or if they’re in California, a whole-wheat bagel shop), THEY’RE GOING TO USE FORCE TO ARREST YOU!!!. And by the way, resisting police is a whole new charge.

There’s another video of a police shooting on a highway, taken by a person with a cell phone camera as he’s held up in traffic because of the incident. In this incident, police were attempting to get a deranged man (or perhaps he was some “sovereign citizen” who thought he had the natural “right” to travel in the middle of the highway and hold up traffic) to leave the roadway. The man bolts toward a patrol vehicle (where the police shotgun or patrol rifle is mounted), and enters it. The police opened fire, killing the nutcase. (I should add here that if I’m held up in traffic because of some nut, I might be tempted to shoot him myself) The police say he was either attempting to remove one of the long guns or could have removed the gun.

The armchair police experts screamed “murder” and said the deranged man couldn’t remove the gun(s) because they were locked in the vehicle. The “experts” claim he could have been tased instead of shot. Morons, the long guns are able to be removed under the right circumstances by a person in the vehicle. How do you think police officers remove the weapons?

Then there are the people who snivel and whine about the “militarization” of police. These people are prone to hyperventilating when they see photos of police officers equipped with tactical gear and armored vehicles. Usually these photos are either taken at the scenes of critical incidents, or the equipment is being displayed for the public. (Upon seeing one such photo, a person said the police standing beside the vehicle looked, “thuggish” ???!) I had a discussion with a person on Facebook recently who was upset over a police department having a *gasp* BLACK unmarked car. I wonder if he would have been as upset if the unmarked patrol vehicle was white. Sounds like vehicular color discrimination to me.

Usually the people who get all butt hurt over police tactical equipment are the same ones who think any law-abiding citizen should be able to own fully-automatic weapons. I too fall into that category, but I also think police should all the equipment to deal with a heavily armed criminal.

Many of these people think the Colored Communist in the White House will one day snap his fingers and all of the nation’s police will enforce martial law, take over cities and round up Conservatives, Christians and gun owners for transport to FEMA concentration camps.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW The Mocha Marxist and his fellow Progressive Caucus collaborators would LOVE to do that and in fact, have erotic dreams about that at night, but I seriously doubt he’s going to be able to do that before he leaves office.

I’m confident (for the time being, at least) that even if he gave such an order, few local police agencies would follow it. Contrary to what “conservative” police-bashers will tell you, police want to go after actual criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

Left-wing propagandists like the Southern Poverty Law Center are trying to convince police that Conservatives and gun owners are a bunch of dangerous crackpots. Claiming police are the “enemy”, posting police-bashing videos and articles, i.e. “When Should You Shoot a Cop”, which I’ve seen just today, are only helping the left in turning police against Conservatives.



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