Friday, September 02, 2005

The Continuing Abomination

The abomination continues. I don’t plan to make sexual degenerates the main topic of my blogsite, but the California Senate recently passed a queer “marriage” bill. As I mentioned in one of my previous postings, California citizens voted overwhelmingly (61%) that marriage is between a man and a woman. The sodomite lobby (most of whom are democrats, naturally) are going against the wishes of the people. I Thought democrats were for a “democracy”, the will of the people rules. Apparently, sucking up to the pervert lobby is more important.

If California legalizes queer “marriage” it will pay, and the floods of New Orleans will look like a minor inconvenience.




Anonymous derek said...

That's right, cause natural disasters are the result of sin. It'll probably end up looking as bad as Massachusetts or Denmark or something. You confuse mob rule with democracy. Democracy involves a dialectic and not trampling on the rights of the minority.

When two people marry, what they require from their religion varies greatly. What they require from the State is to govern the wealth, property and children that come from that union. These requirements are no different if the couple is heterosexual or homosexual. As long as we continue to be a free society, homosexuals will continue to fall in love and live their lives together, married in their own eyes and the eyes of their peers. I believe that while religions should have every right to define marriage as they see fit, the State’s definition must remain broad enough to include the diversity of the society it represents, and the reality of the lives led by its citizens.

Blogger ROBOT said...

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Blogger ROBOT said...

The feelings queers have for each other isn't "love" it's a perverted and unnatural form of lust.

Queers know what they practice is abnormal, but they think they can change the way they feel about themselves if they can get others to accept their perverted behavior.

It won't work. I know it, and you know it. Seek counselling, maybe you can switch to natural sexual practices.


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