Saturday, January 28, 2006

Liberals, Are They Fully Human?

I’ve often wondered how liberals can hold the goofy, degenerate, and amoral feelings they do and still (presumably) have brains. Consider these examples. Liberals will defend a convicted murderer to the death, some claiming we can’t take the chance of killing an innocent person and others claiming executing a murderous, sub-human savage is simply wrong. At the same time they fully support infanticide (abortion) and claim that the fetus isn’t actually human. One thing a thinking person knows for certain is that the fetus is innocent. (One liberal savage I once spoke with argued, “doesn’t the Bible say we’re all born in sin and doesn’t that mean the fetus isn’t innocent?”)
The majority of liberals are opposed to basic self-defense, both on a personal and national level. You’ll find most of them are anti-gun, and anti-military to the point of opposing missile defense systems. I recently read a newsletter put out by a Quaker group (a religion of cowards) crowing about how they opposed the U.S. having a missile defense system. It’s also true that liberals are easily led. A friend of mine who once claimed we should only have a missile defense system now (at least several years ago) opposes such a system, probably as a result of listening to liberals arguing against it. Liberals also support same-sex deviants. A basic knowledge of anatomy will show anyone that homosexuality is wrong and unnatural.
The hatred liberals have for anything Judeo-Christian is nothing less than satanic. They only seem to have this hatred for Christianity and will fully accept a religion like Islam which opposes (in words at least) queers and women’s rights.
My conclusion may be controversial.

Liberals believe in evolution. Anyone who would dare look at the facts knows that evolution is a myth that can’t be backed up by science (the "god" of liberalism) without great leaps of faith, assumption and twisting the facts.

I have a new idea that may involve a form of evolution, or rather de-evolution, alien (space aliens, not illegal aliens) abductions and Genesis 6.

In many of the goofier UFO circles, you’ll hear talk of “God” as being a race of space aliens who spliced our genes with theirs several hundred thousand years ago or more.

While at first, an intelligent person (or even me for that matter) would dismiss the idea as mere gibberish, they may have a point, sort of.

In Genesis, chapter 6 (for you liberals, that’s in the Holy Bible. Ask a Christian if you can borrow their copy. I doubt you would have one) the Bible speaks of there being giants in those days (during the time of Noah prior to The Flood) and afterward. It speaks of the sons of God (fallen angels) mating with mortal women and having bizarre offspring. Perhaps the alien abductors that the UFO geeks believe in are these rebellious, “sons of God”.
Some of these offspring were giants, others were “men of renown”. These beings were called Nephilim. The Nephilim who existed prior to the flood were destroyed in the world-wide deluge. But Genesis 6 points out that they existed afterward. Perhaps after the flood the Nephilim began to look a little more human and fit in better with mortals.

My theory, which I admit I’m still developing, is that liberals are these Nephilim. How else can one explain their degenerate, bizarre beliefs?

Take a look at Al Franken, James Carville, Bono (ever wonder why he won’t take off the dark glasses?) and other notable liberals. (I won’t even begin to get into how some of the leaders of the man-hating, lesbian group NOW look) Do they look fully human? I say no!

Of course, this is jest a working theory, but still, think about it.



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