Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lessons Katrina Taught Me

There are several lessons people should learn from the Katrina disaster. The foremost of which is DON’T RELY ON THE GOVERNMENT, LOCAL, STATE AND ESPECIALLY FEDERAL TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. It’s a lesson I needed to be reminded of too.

People need to prepare themselves for the emergency situations that are most likely to occur in their area. On my side of the coast that would be earthquakes, in the middle of the Country it would probably be tornadoes and hurricanes on the east coast. In other places, riots may be a concern.

In my opinion, if a major hurricane is coming and you live in an area that’s near or especially below sea level, the best defense is to get out. Granted, some people may not be able to, however, getting out is the best choice. Evacuating the area may also be just heading to higher or safer ground. When you leave, take what you’ll need to live on while you’re away, obviously, food, water, guns and ammo, radio, toilet paper etc. (If you take military MRE’s, you may not need as much toilet paper) A Google search will lead you to survival kits you can either buy or make for yourself.

I think another important part of an emergency survival plan is to have a group of people to work with. If you plan to evacuate, that’s a near necessity. If you’re a Mormon, and have three wives and fourteen kids, you’re already set. If some of the children are too young to carry a gun, they can always carry supplies like extra ammo. You can even assign one of them to carry the toilet paper and body wipes. (I admit, being somewhat clean and having clean underwear in an emergency is highly important to me.)

However, if you’re like most of us (or me anyway) you’ll have to hook up with other, like-minded people. One of my friends, who was in LA during the Rodney King riots considered buying several shotguns. In case of another riot he could hand them out to several trusted friends and have an instant militia.

The point being that a group of prepared, armed people working together is better than a person working alone. Hopefully, you’ll have neighbors that you can band together with for protection and for pooling resources. If you plan to evacuate, group members can trade off with being on watch at night.

As is being demonstrated in New Orleans, human predators thrive during disasters.

The main thing to remember here is that you can’t rely completely on the government. You are your first line of defense.




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