Monday, September 26, 2005


Last Saturday, anti-U.S/anti-War protests were conducted in Washington DC and other places around the Country. The protests were sponsored by the CPUSA front group A.N.S.W.E.R. This is a letter that was published in a local Monterey paper several weeks before Iraq War II:
On January 18th, the group headed by Ramsey Clark A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is sponsoring a “peace” march to oppose a possible war with Iraq ANSWER also sponsored the April 20th anti-globalization protests. The April 20th event was organized with the help of the Communist party USA (CPUSA) which was mentioned in a memo issued by CPUSA organization secretary Elena Mora. ANSWER HQ is in the same building (39 W, 14th St., NY (212) 633-6646), as another group closely associated with Clark the International Action Committee (IAC) (39 E of the same street). The IAC is another CPUSA front, which also praises Castro and reproduces many of his speeches on their website. Other sponsors of ANSWER are Cop-killer Wesley (Mumia Jamal) Cook, Congressman Cynthia McKinney (Who in 15 January 1998 was an Executive Committee member of the Progressive Caucus, Democratic Socialists of America), CPUSA, WILPF, Women’s Strike for Peace (WSP), Workers World Party, Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), International Socialist Organization, the National Lawyers Guild, which was described in congressional investigations as “the bulwark of the Communist Party, etc. The list of Socialist and Communist connected organizations goes on.

The connection of “Peace” groups to Communist and Socialists causes is nothing new. To “Peace” groups, the America can do no right and most Communist countries can do no wrong. Ramsey Clark while Attorney General during the Vietnam War era opposed a federal law that would have made sending supplies to the Viet Cong or NVA illegal. He also brushed off pro-Viet Cong activity as merely “eccentric”. Clark will also never pass up an opportunity to bash the US.

The ADA, during WWII under their previous name Union for Democratic Action supported the Soviets and called for a Communist Revolution in America and has called for a total welfare state in America.

Dagmar Wilson who claimed she actually believed the Soviets wanted to disarm founded the Women’s Strike for “Peace”. During the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings 9 of the 12 WSP “leaders” (The WSP claimed they had no leaders) plead the 5th when asked about CPUSA membership or activities. In 1965 a 10 member WSP delegation traveled to Indonesia to meet with a delegation Vietnamese Communists (From both the north and South) to sign a declaration deploring US “aggression. One

Jane Addams, who had a long time association with various Communists, Socialists and their causes and was later identified as a secret CPUSA member by one of her comrades, founded WILPF.

Nothing further needs to be said about groups like the Worker’s World Party and the International Socialist Organization. ANSWER is just another Communist front group that will always oppose US military action taken in the interests of the US.

I don’t necessarily support a full-scale war with Iraq. Iraq’s WMD program could be dealt with by using a few tactical air strikes. Also, Bush Jr. claiming he has knowledge of Hussein’s weapons but not sharing that information with UN inspectors takes from his credibility. Also his claiming the US is at risk from Hussein and then appealing to the UN also takes from his credibility.


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