Saturday, October 22, 2005

Liberals and Freedom of Speech

For all their talk of “tolerance”, “freedom” of speech and “equality” liberals are in actuality nothing more than hypocritical, Marxist savages. I’ve experienced several incidents of liberal “tolerance” for opposing opinions.

The first was in the early 90’s when comrade-president clinton was in office. I was in a laundry mat in Monterey when I noticed that a local Marxist, James M. was also present. I recognized his name from letters to the editor in local papers. His name and e-mail address was on the back of his truck. At the time, he was ranting about the evils of the tobacco company with the woman working there and anyone else who would listen. By the way, did I mention he was a smoker? He blames the tobacco companies for “addicting” him to tobacco.

My vehicle was parked around the corner because the spaces in front of the laundry were taken. After a few minutes, a space opened up in front of the laundry mat and coincidently, also in from of James, The Red’s truck. I parked my vehicle in front of his and when he noticed the bumper stickers on it he approached me. One of the stickers proclaimed, “Comrade clinton, Coward in Chief “. It was that sticker that incensed him. He was nearly shaking with rage when he demanded, “How can you call clinton a coward?!” I said “Because he’s a draft-dodger”. He told that a lot of people dodged the draft during Vietnam and asked if I would also call them all cowards. I told him “Yeah.” He responded by saying that if I called him a coward he would “stuff me into one of the washing machines.” I decided that getting into a fight in public wasn’t worth it so I didn’t call him one. In hindsight, I wish I had. Cowards are big on talk and little on action and the vast majority of liberals tend to be cowards.
He also added that I should remove the sticker, saying that it wasn’t free speech, it was “hate” speech. I should also note that James the Red also had a pirate radio station and called it “Free Speech Radio.” Basically, “hate” speech is anything said, printed or broadcast that liberals disagree with.

During the last election, I had several bumper stickers on my vehicle. One of the stickers, which read “Liberals Make Me Sick”, was torn off, leaving only the “sick” part of the sticker, when I was parked near a Starbucks in Sand City. I’ve also had one that read “Charter Member: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” stolen when I was parked at a theater near Santa Cruz. I had another “Liberals Make Me Sick” sticker stolen when I was parked near the Sand City Border’s.

While stealing bumper stickers is petty vandalism, I’ve had more serious damage done to my vehicle. I’ve had a tired slashed when I was parked, again in Sand City. I knew who did it and even confronted the worthless savage. I didn’t see him do it, but the way he commented about my stickers and the way he approached me is proof enough to me that it was him. Of course, it would never stand up in court. (I considered, and rejected an out-of court settlement)
In the latest incident, my vehicle was keyed. Considering the location, I suspect that the traditional marriage (Man-Woman) sticker is what set the worthless puke off.
I started putting bumper stickers on my vehicle because of seeing commie-lib stickers on other cars. I never (seriously) considered vandalizing their vehicles, but if my vehicle keeps getting damaged, I may have to reconsider the out-of-court settlement option.

Some people suggest that I remove my political stickers. If I do that then the animals have won. I’m not backing down from those sub-human savages.




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