Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This "Splendid Little War"

This may come as a surprise to many of the people (All four of them) who visit my blog, but I don’t necessarily support the Iraq War. Now of course that doesn’t mean I don’t support the soldiers fighting it, nor does it mean that I think the enemy there isn’t a threat. I definitely don’t align myself with the anti-American, Communist “Peace” activists. Personally, as I state in my profile I see their ilk as a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, the Soviets or any foreign enemy could ever be. These worthless, Marxist savages while claiming they support the troops accuse them of intentionally killing non-combatant civilians. These “people” are of the same ilk, and more than often the very same people who accused Vietnam era GIs of being baby killers and supported the Communist revolutions in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

This second Iraq War wouldn’t have needed to have been fought if Bush Sr. had finished off Iraq the first time. He has only himself to blame. Instead of running to the United Nations for permission to attack Iraq, he should have made his case for war in front of Congress, formed an alliance with a few trusted countries and finished off Iraq. Instead, he followed UN mandates and the ridicules advice of Colin Powell and left Iraq, mostly intact. Frankly, I was certain that once we got over there, the Arab countries we aligned ourselves with were going to turn their guns on us.

As far as I’m concerned, our job in Iraq was done after Saddam was removed from power. We shouldn’t be trying to rebuild their country and make them a “democracy”. A democratic government is about as alien to Muslims as soap is to the French.

I don’t support a cowardly retreat from Iraq as the “peace” protesters would have us do. My suggestion would be to take out the terrorist bases in Syria and hand Iraq over to Iraqis we can (to the best of our knowledge) trust and leave. We should also leave intelligence assets behind so that if they do go back to supporting terrorists or building Wads we can easily target and eliminate them.


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