Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Tribulations of a Traitor


Eddy was sentenced to two years probation and fined $2500. I sure her Red pals can come up with that easily.

In a letter to the Salinas Californian, she wrote a tirade of the like usually seen in the Peoples Daily World.

Are we at war or not? Why didn’t this traitor get time in prison? Her light sentence will only encourage this activity.

In a past posting, I mentioned Monterey area, “peace” activist Macgregor Eddy and her calling for protestors to enter the Vandenberg Air Base to disrupt the operations there in the event of an attack on Iraq. Surprisingly, (not) the base barred her from the installation. Vandenberg is a launch site for missiles used in our missile defense system and is also a launch site for our intelligence-gathering satellites.

“Peace” activists like Eddy see our having such a capability as a crime against “peace” I see not having such weapons as a crime against victory, and against the U.S. Constitution as violating the “provide for the common defense” section.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that “peace” activists will most always take positions against the best actions of our Country, such as opposing our having nuclear weapons, a missile defense system etc.

On 19 January, Eddy was arraigned in a federal Court in Santa Barbara for trespassing onto the base last October. It wasn’t her first time trespassing onto the base. Eddy claimed she was trying to make the base officers see that a “higher law was being violated”. Her hearing was attended by 40 or so of her anti-U.S. supporters. The case continues next February.

I don’t know what usually happens to these traitors, but in my opinion they should be shot. Vandenberg has allegedly issued shoot to kill orders for people who threaten the satellite systems. I think it’s time for them to start making that more than just a bluff.



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