Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Attempted Queering of Black America

Proposition 8, which confirmed that true marriage is between one MAN and one WOMAN passed with nearly 70 percent of the black vote. The sodomite lobby (which doesn’t just include the perverts who engage in the practice) have expressed surprise and outrage that most blacks voted against them. For some reason, the degenerates think that because blacks were once a persecuted minority (yes, I did say ONCE, i.e. in the PAST a persecuted minority) we should also support their unnatural practices.

True, there are some blacks who’ve been hanging around white liberals too long and have been brainwashed into feeling that sodomites are just another minority. One of my former best friends is one of them (I don’t mean as in queer (but I wonder sometimes), I mean he’s been brainwashed into accepting buggery as normal) others however, will nod in agreement to their liberal friends but are thinking to themselves “of course homosexuality is unnatural”. It was these blacks who while voting for the most pro-homosexual presidential candidate in history, also voted to uphold the ban homosexual “marriage”.

All of the pro-homosexual propaganda, including Hollywood putting a homosexual into nearly ever TV sitcom still hasn’t convinced the majority of Blacks that homosexuality is “normal”.

Unlike Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP (Negroes Are Actually Colored People) I don’t pretend to speak for all Black Americans, however few things infuriate me more than to have the degenerates of the Queer lobby try to justify their perverted activity by comparing themselves to blacks.

A basic knowledge anatomy shows that homosexuality isn’t normal, therefore there is no such thing as homosexual “marriage”.

No ifs, ands, or butts about it

I do have a prediction for the next years. The sodomite lobby and Hollywood will direct more pro-homosexual propaganda toward Blacks. There will be an increase of black homosexual characters on television and in movies and it won’t be the usual hairdressers and fashion store owners. It will be tough black guys who just happen to bugger other men when they aren’t out kicking butt.

Homosexuality is also a hard sell in the Asian and Latino community, so there will also be more of them playing butt-rangers.

If This Country ever fully accepts homosexuality as “normal” that will be the end of it.



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stupid bigot

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Degenerate pervert


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