Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fight Crime, Shoot Back (Better Yet, Shoot First)

I know this will never happen in our politically correct (i.e. cowardly) society, but what if crime-ridden cities and counties offered a bounty for any convicted criminal killed or captured DURING THE COMMISION OF A CRIME.

In other words, if a homeowner shoots a criminal during a burglary or home invasion or if a business owner or one of his employees shoots a criminal while they are attempting a robbery, either the city or county would pay the individual a few thousand dollars. I think if the convicted thug is killed, the individual should be paid roughly ten percent of what it would have cost to run the thug through the legal system.

Along with offering a bounty for the thugs, either law enforcement or better yet, private instructors could provide firearms training for law-abiding business owners and other private citizens (After a background check).

There are several obvious speed bumps to this plan. One: the thug (if the defending person’s shooting ability isn’t what it should be) or his relatives may try to sue the defender, and Two: pro-crime and/or other “peace” groups will try to stop the program

There are two ways to deal these fools. The city or county (or better yet, private citizens) could host a website where the home and work address of the person(s) suing the defenders are listed. The law-abiding public could contact the people supporting the criminal and tell them why they are fed up with the mindless thugs who are practically running their city.

Left-wing pro-crime organizations could be countered by forming organizations of honest citizens and crime victims who could speak and protest in opposition to them.

Granted, as I wrote in the beginning, this will never happen. Obviously my plan wouldn’t completely stop violent crime, but it would make living in a crime-ridden city as dangerous for the criminals as it is for the good people.



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