Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote Yes on Propositions 4 and 8: It's Only Common Sense

There may be a few grey issues on the California ballot. Proposition 4 and Proposition 8 are two that definitely are not.

Proposition 4, would require parental notification before an UNDERAGE female can murder her unborn child. To any somewhat, moral thinking person, that would be a no-brainer, but of course we are talking about liberals, who generally have no actual moral issues and basically have a “if it feels good, do it and if you screw up, the government will bail you out” mentality .

The pro-infanticide crowd claims that abused girls would have a problem going to their parents if the abuser is a family member. Of course, that’s probably the lamest argument against the proposition they could come up with.

Were the abuser a father or stepfather, he would be more prone to rush the victimized girl to an abortion mill.

A “no” vote on Prop. 4 would be sort of an old pervert’s protection act. An adult pervert who knocks up a 15-year-old would be able to take her for an abortion with no questions asked.

Surely, a Planned Parenthood (infanticide) abortion clinic would ask no questions, nor would they report it to the police.

The real problem the Left and especially Planned (infanticide) Parenthood has with Prop. 4 are they fear that somewhere, someplace a young girl will actually keep her baby. After all, Planned Parenthood (Infanticide) really makes a killing out of doing abortions and if Prop. 4 passed, it would cut into their profits, and undermine their social agenda. Also, I think abortion is a form of pagan sacrifice for some of those on the Left.

Proposition 8 is even more of a no-brainer, again, unless you’re a liberal. Prop. 8 would define marriage in the California Constitution as between one Man and one FEMALE. Duh. A basic knowledge of anatomy will tell any thinking person that homosexuality and therefore, allowing them to “marry” is unnatural. Sodomites can already have domestic “partnerships”. Homosexuals know what they do is unnatural. They want to “marry” so that they can convince themselves that what they engage in is normal.

Proposition 8 is not “discrimination. If I read the proposition correctly, I didn’t see anyplace where it called for separate water facets and restrooms for homosexuals and normal people (though given some of the diseases many of them are prone to get, that may not be a bad idea), nor did I read anywhere in the proposition where homosexuals were to be denied the right to vote or own property.

A yes vote on Proposition 8 is just common sense.




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