Sunday, August 29, 2010

Compromising positions: Ann Coulter Climbs Into Bed with the Queer Lobby

When I first read Ann Coulter was going to be the main speaker at Homocon, an event put on by GOProud, a queer, “Conservative” activist group, I was skeptical. The person who posted the story on one of the Conservative e-mail lists I belong to is himself a practicing homo.

Frankly, I don’t see how having sex with another man is anything to be “proud” of, but then again homosexuality is a mental illness brought on by being sexually confused.

Several days later (WND) posted an article verifying the story. The article went on to say Joseph Farah dropped Ann as a keynote speaker for WND’s “Taking America Back National Conference. Obviously the homosexual lobby is one of the groups America should be taken back from.

No, I don’t “hate” sodomites, nor do I have a “phobia” about them. I am, however thoroughly disgusted by their perverted activity and enraged at their attempts to propagandize and coerce the general public into accepting their unnatural behavior as “normal”.

Coulter says she doesn’t always agree with everything promoted by the groups she speaks to. However, speaking for a group of queer activists gives the impression that Ann endorses them and their perverted lifestyle.

When Ann was asked why she was agreed to speak at the gala she responded because she was being paid. Doesn’t that make her somewhat of a prostitute, for her to be all to willing to sell out her principles and self-respect for money?

Perhaps Ann would be equally willing to speak at the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood or Republicans for Choice if the price were right. What if a group of “Conservative” pornographers wanted to pay her for speaking (and hopefully nothing else) at their event, would she also speak to their group.

One thing homosexuals LOVE doing (besides other men) is associating themselves with legitimate Conservative issues and Conservative groups in an attempt to gain acceptance for their degenerate behavior.

Getting a Conservative, or perhaps ex-Conservative to speak at their event is a propaganda coup for the queer lobby. The only bigger coup would be for Ann to come out of the closet and announce she planned to move to Maine and “marry” her girlfriend.

Ann Coulter is, or was one of my favorite authors and I’m highly disappointed in Ann and I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a downward, Liberal trend for her.

Never put too much faith in mortals, they will often let you down at some time or another.



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