Monday, October 25, 2010

Sodomite Soldiers and the Common Sense Solution

Sodomite Soldiers and the Common Sense Solution

*****WARNING, THIS POST IS RATED PG******************

Like me, you may have noticed the vast majority of the people seeking to allow homos to openly enlist in the U.S. military are people, i.e., Hollywood celebrities, left-wing activists, etc., who would never, EVER join. Indeed, many of the people seeking to allow homos to serve, besides other homos are people who like Bill Clinton “loathe” the military and want to destroy the morale of the service members.

Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) homos could enlist if they would keep their perverted practices to themselves. I’m assuming during my tour in the military there several homos whom I was never aware of. I only know of one, but more on him later.

Homosexuals want to serve openly because they want to feel “normal” and are butt hurt (so to speak) over any person or organization that reminds them they are anything but normal.

They refuse to accept the simple fact that the vast majority of society and especially those serving in the military are disgusted by homosexual activity and definitely don’t want to live in close proximity with them. The goal of the homosexual lobby is to force everyone in society to accept their perverted behavior.

There is one simple solution to the issue that everyone seems to be ignoring. People currently serving in the military should be able to vote on whether they want to serve alongside a homo. While I suspect most females would have few problems serving with a lesbian, I suspect the vast, vast majority of male service members would strongly oppose being roommates with a homosexual man.

If the service members vote to allow open sodomites to serve, service members who joined prior to the vote and oppose serving with a homo should be allowed an honorable discharge.

There of course would be many homos who would only join the military to make a point and would spend much of their time filing complaints of “harassment” and “discrimination”. Of course many potential recruits would refuse to join.

In my humble, however correct opinion a vote on the issue would be the only fair and balanced way to go. However, I’m afraid allowing open homosexuals to serve will be forced down the military’s throat.
Also, the various military branches would have to change their mottos to "We never leave our buddy's behind".




The Milton Brown incident

As I mentioned in the earlier part of this rant, I only knew of one confirmed homosexual in any of the Army units I belonged to.

This incident happened in the early 80’s in the 165th MP CO at the Fischbach Army Depot in Germany.

When I first met Milton Brown (real name changed) I got the impression he was a bit light in the combat boots when he introduced himself to me. He spoke in what could best be described as a homosexual “accent”.

I thought to myself, “Is he…., nah, he couldn’t be, he’s way too obvious. Fortunately Milton wasn’t in my platoon and I very rarely had to be in his presence.

Several months later I heard of an incident in the barracks involving Milton and another soldier in his platoon.

According to barracks legend, Milton and another male were in a room watching videos and drinking beer. (Considering my suspicions about Milton, being alone in a room with him would not be something I would even REMOTELY consider doing)

The other soldier fell asleep and awoke to find Milton performing a sex act on him that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski would recognize.

After breaking contact, the other soldier reported the incident and Milton was well on his was way to a discharge.

Prior to being discharged, Milton was involved in another, less extreme incident with another soldier.

Of course, the homo lobby will call this an isolated incident and no reason to keep homos from entering the military.

I obviously disagree. The Milton incident is one of several reasons (One of the other main reasons is the effect on troop morale) why homosexuals, in or out-of-the-closet should be kept from joining the military.




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