Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sam Farr(Left) Town Hall

Last Tuesday, on August 10th I attended yet another Cong. Sam Farr(Left) town hall event at the MIIS, Irving auditorium. For those of you unfamiliar with Farr, he's a far, far-Left Demoncrat who's more concerned with being a world citizen than he is with being an American citizen. He's the only Congressman who has the UN flag displayed at his office. He's also a member of the Progressive Caucus, the Marxist wing of the Demoncratic Party. The last town halls I attended were done during the time congress was working on forcing government-controlled health “care” down our throats. At those town hall events, there were large waiting lines and rumors that local and bussed-in leftists were going to arrive early and try to pack the audience so few people opposed to Obamacare would be able to get inside.

With this in mind, though the meeting started at 1800 hrs, I arrived to wait in line at 1700 hrs. I was the first one there and it was close to 1730 hrs before there were even 20 people in line. Once the meeting began, the auditorium was only about half full.

I despise Farr. He’s so far Left I suspect he has the Hammer and Sickle monogrammed on his underwear. However, I do give him credit for holding town halls. Some of his colleagues won’t because they fear they may actually face tough questions. True, Monterey County is polluted with (mostly) aging Marxists and hippies and Farr knows he’ll get his share of softball questions.

I personally suspect some of his supporters ask questions only to take time away from people who want to ask serious questions.

There was a first at this particular town hall, at the very end of the meeting, Farr actually said something I agreed with, whether he actually meant what he said remains to be seen, but more on that later.

Farr always starts off a town hall by telling the crowd what “he’s” done for his district. What “he’s” done for the district with federal government money, OUR federal government money that is. I don’t remember much of what he said then except for him telling us the federal government now forces public schools to provide fruits and vegetables during lunchtime.

I for one don’t see where it’s the government business to tell local schools what to provide during lunchtime.

Question and answer highlights:

Once the question and answer period started the first question from where else but the left side of the auditorium was from local Leftist activist Darby Worth. Worth is a member of WILPF, The Peace Coalition of Monterey County and a fan, if not worshipper of Fidel Castro.

Her question accordingly attacked private business. Worth asked Farr where he stood on the issue of corporate “personhood”. For some reason, while the Nation is faced with problems of the economy, terrorism, illegal aliens, winning, or extracting Ourselves from two foreign wars the Left in This Country is concerned that corporations are considered “persons” (?) I don’t stay awake at night concerned that a corporation is considered a “person”, whatever that means.

Worth and the other Leftist who whine about corporate “personhood” seem to think it means corporations don’t have to face punishment for wrongdoings. Tell that to BP.

Farr answered that corporations are responsible for their mistakes and wrongdoings and that he would have to look more into the issue.

One other parson whined about corporations being able to use their First Amendment rights to donate to campaigns, which of course Farr also opposes.

Farr said he wants government funding of campaigns.

One mother complained that her son’s elementary school did not have a 3rd grade class and that it was combined with the 2nd and 4th grade because of overcrowding. To me, that seems to be a local issue except that I bet if the schools were cleared of students who were the children of illegal aliens class overcrowding would clear up.

Farr went on to crow about voting on spending more federal money to bail out local public schools.

There was a light-hearted moment when a conspiracy nut asked if Obama, who he called Barry Sotoro (his real name) was planning a “false flag” terrorist event in the Gulf region, so that he could act tough and gain back some of his popularity. The person said the number of navy ships in the near Iran makes him think Obama may be up to something.

For those of you not into conspiracy theories, a “false flag” incident is where the government conducts an attack on its own people, making it look like another country or terrorist group committed the act in order to give the government a reason to attack that country or group.

Many who believe “911 was an inside job” believes this myth.

Farr, while keeping a straight face told the man “no”.

Personally, I think the man is on dope if he believes that if such a conspiracy existed, Farr would be one of the people the “conspirators” would tell.

Peter Kaiser asked Farr about the DOD appropriations bill that will allow sodomites to openly serve in the military and provide tax-payer funded abortions to knocked-up service members.

Farr told him, rape victims should be able to get abortions (the appropriations bill doesn’t limit abortions to rape victims) and that Viagra is provided to service members. I personally have trouble seeing the connection between the two. Farr added that the Adm. Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Not too surprisingly, it's a Navy guy who supports homosexuals. I wonder if he's a rear admiral.) supports open sodomites in the military. Peter added that while Mullen supports sodomites, all of the other Joint Chiefs opposes allowing them to serve openly. (Remind me to throw away the coin I got from Mullen)

One pro-queer clown called Peter a “Bozo” and said Israel allows sodomites to serve openly in its military.

Farr and several other people told the pro-queer clown that he shouldn’t stoop to name-calling.

Tea Party activists Robin asked Farr about the SEC not being bound by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Farr said he was unaware that was included in the Finance Reform bill and asked Robin why she didn’t bring that up while the bill was being discussed to which Robin said it was not posted and that it was Farr's job to READ THE BILL before voting on it.(B.O. promised all bills would be posted online before Congress would vote on them) Robin also brought up that B.O. expanded the Patriot Act. (I refer you to one of my past posts that if B.O. won the election and Congress stayed in the hands of the Dark Side (Demoncrats) you would hear nothing else about the Patriot act.)

One Marxist called the war in Iraq and Afghanistan “genocide” and claims U.S. forces are mostly killing civilians. (I also direct you to my post about this kind of talk is probably what inspired the attack of the DLI soldiers at a local beach)

Farr said the military needs to be downsized.

A doper asks about legalizing dope. I tend to think the comments by the conspiracy theorist are a good example of why dope should remain illegal.

A Tea Party person (Sorry, I forgot your name) spoke of the danger of a one-party rule. Personally, I don’t mind a one-party rule by the Right and by the Right I mean by Conservatives and not necessarily Republicans, at least not until the RINOs can be purged from the Party.

Several people asked about illegal aliens and Farr spoke of an increase of funding for border enforcement (it’ll be fun to see how long this will last after the election) and how he helped implement jail checks for illegal aliens in Monterey/Santa Cruz County.

Now for the part where I actually agreed with something Sam Farr said.

A person who I assumed was a foreigner asked for an increase in the visas that allow highly-skilled foreigners into the Country where they can start more high-tech companies like Google.

Farr said we should be more concerned about getting more Americans highly skilled and educated and hopes to see more products with “Made in America” written on them again.




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