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Attack of the RINOs: Fight Back!

RINO attacks, or Republican In Name Only are nothing new. Probably the first major attack came back in 1950 when a group of Leftist “Republicans” going by the name of Republican Advance revolted against traditional Republicans Senator Robert Taft and Representative Joseph Martin.

Republican Advance wanted, among other things to soften the GOP’s anti-Communist stance. Several years later a Leftist Republican group calling itself the Ripon Society, named after the city where the Republican Party was founded, continued the attacks on traditional Republicans.

The Ripon Society, in their book “From Disaster to Distinction” called for the GOP to abandon distinctions between public vs. private, business vs. labor Conservative vs. liberal and called for “moderates” (i.e., liberal pukes) to take control of the Republican Party.

The Ripon Society in 1966 wanted the U.S. to recognize Red China, which Ripon Society member Richard Nixon eventually did.

Ronald Reagan, calling it the 11th Commandment said “Thou shalt speak no ill of thy fellow Republican”. While Reagan meant well, what this means in practice is no traditional Republican should speak the truth about a RINO.

In 1999-2000, another group of RINOs calling themselves the “Mainstream” Republicans went against traditional Republicans focusing their attacks on the Republican Central Committees. At that time I was with the Monterey County Republican Central Committee (MCRCC).

RINOs love talking about the “Big Tent” when they want Traditional Republicans to accept some RINO puke into their ranks. Once RINOs are in power the “Big Tent” becomes an exclusive club where only other RINOs are accepted or tolerated.

Calling traditional Republicans “extremists”, the “Mainstream Republicans” ran a RINO candidate against each traditional Republican running for re-election in the central committees and nearly all other offices.

I should have seen it coming. During that time I often attended the County Republican women’s groups. At one of the meetings held several months before the RINO attack, a Republican candidate was speaking to the group and one of the women asked what could be done about the Fundamentalist Christians who were ruining the Party.

The “Mainstream Republicans” seemed to think that if only the Republican sold out on a few of their traditional social positions, more Democrats would vote for them.

One of the main RINO pukes in California set on diluting the Republican Party was former Ventura County Assembly Brooks Firestone. Firestone supported special rights for queers, affirmative action (quotas), gun control and partial birth abortion.

Locally, (Monterey County) two of the main RINOs opposing traditional Republicans was Peter Newman and Paul Bruno.

Newman would often bash the Traditional Republicans on the Central Committee, calling us “single-issue” (anti-abortion) candidates.

One odd thing about the RINOs running against us, I don’t recall ever seeing ANY of them at a Central Committee meeting. At least, not before they were selected to run against us. One would think if they thought we were doing everything wrong, they would have come to a meeting or two to tell us WHAT we were doing wrong or what we should do differently.

Once the RINOs won control of the Central C, they tried to minimize the participation of the few Traditional Republicans left. One of the committee members told me the RINOs were prone to hold closed meetings with each other and excluding him and other traditional Republicans.

Each Central Committee member selects an alternate who can vote in their place in their absence. Prior to the RINO take over, any alternate chosen by the member was accepted as long as they were a registered Republican. The RINOs however, wanted to make sure the alternate was, if not another RINO was at least someone who wasn’t too outspoken against RINOs.

One of the traditional Republicans chose me to be his alternate. Now, by this time, I had written several letters to local papers about the “Mainstream Republicans” to include one about Brooks Firestone and how he was no “Republican”.

One of the “Mainstreamers” on the Committee logged into an online newspaper message board that I frequented (The far-Left Monterey Coast Weakly) under an alias. He wrote about how much he liked a particular RINO Republican Politician n in an attempt to “catch” me in the act of calling a RINO a RINO. My online handle was well-known at the time to some people on the Central Committee.

I of course, did what was expected (and would do it again) and called the RINO puke RINO puke, though probably not in those exact words (I should have used those exact words).

The “Mainstreamers” used that to vote against me being the traditional Republican’s alternate, so much for the “Big Tent”.

Mid-way into RINO-lite W. Bush’s term, after he and Congress and Senate RINOs spent money like a drunken socialists, the Republicans lost their majority,.

Word to Bush and all other “Republicans”, when you find supporting the same bill as the drunken, womanizing (Red) Ted Kennedy, you can be sure you’re on the wrong side.

One would have thought that with the rise of the Tea Party and their opposition to B.O.’s even greater spending, the RINOs would have learned their lesson. But that would have been asking too much.

With Tea Party candidates winning some of the Republican primaries, one would have thought the “Big Tent” RINOs would have welcomed them with open arms and the losing RINO candidates would have endorsed the winners.

Instead; in Alaska RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost to Traditional Republican Joe Miller is staying in the race and running as a write-in candidate, which of course will split the Republican vote.

After Sharon Angle, who was supported by the Tea Party won in the primary race against Sue Lowden, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s too much of a liberal puke to even be considered a RINO is hosting a fund raiser with Democrats to support Angle’s Democrat opponent, Harry Reid.

Shortly before Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware Republican primary against RINO Mike Castle, he said it would be difficult for him to support O’Donnell if she won. Castle used the tired old RINO refrain used to bash Traditional Republicans, of “she is just not going to win the general election”.

Allegedly, the Delaware Republican Party chairman (according to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman) said O’Donnell could not be elected dogcatcher.

RINOs have been using the “He (she) can’t win” refrain since traditional Republican Robert Taft sought the presidential nomination against the favored RINO of his time, Republican and Former Democrat Dwight Eisenhower.

According to several polls, it appears the Republican Party will win a majority in the House and possibly even in the Senate.

With the Republican Party still infected by RINOs, it’s highly possible the GOP will sellout Traditional Republican values and piss away their victory just as they did during W. Bush’s term.

RINOs are a bigger threat to the Republican Party than any Democrat could ever be.




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Well said!

I am beginning to think that these RINOs are really liberals infiltrating the GOP.


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