Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Pro-Flag Rally: 5 May 2014

On May 5th 2010, AKA: Cinco de Mayo (Also referred to as Sinko de Drinko), several students at the Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill California decided to wear American Flag t-shirts.

The school principal told the students they either had to change their t-shirts or turn them inside out. The principal, while he would never admit it, knows that radical Mexican and Hispanic activists would be extremely likely to confront and at least verbally attack the students wearing the t-shirts.

Had the date been March 19th, St Patrick’s Day, would the principal have told the students to change their shirts? Of course not. While many Irish Americans celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Irish Americans consider themselves AMERICANS and would not get upset over seeing an AMERICAN FLAG t-shirt warn on an AMERICAN school campus.

The parents of the students sued the school and when it reached the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, the court ruled that school had the right to restrict the students’ freedom of speech if it was to ensure student “safety”.

In response to the court ruling, the Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots group organized a pro-freedom of speech/pro-Flag rally to be held in front of the Live Oak school on 5 May 2014.

Of course, not unexpectedly the liberal Latino activists had a fit, trying to get the rally banned because of supposed threats to student “safety”. This may come at a surprise to you, but the left-wing, race activists accused the planners of the rally of being “racists”. Generally when some fool starts spouting off about “racism”, you can ignore anything else they say.

Morgan Hill is less than an hour from where I live, so I made plans on attending. I ordered an American Flag t-shirt for the event. That is, a t-shirt with an image of a Flag, not a t-shirt made from an American Flag (My reason for making the distinction will become clear later).

After responding to several online postings about the event, I made contact with Georgine Scott-Codiga, the organizer of the event, and obtained the location for the meeting place.

People participating in the rally were to agree to not speak with the press or anti-Flag protestors during the rally, as to not disturb the students arriving at school. The Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots were also limited to have no more than 50 people or they would need to buy a permit (I think I was number 42).

When we arrived at the high school, or rather in front of it, we were given 3’x5’ American Flags to hold. We lined up on both sides of the street, away from the school bus stop. The school had a covered chain link fence in front of the school and there were about a dozen or more police officers on scene.

I was expecting the anti-Flag protestors to be there, but I heard they instead were going to stay away and have their protest at another location, later in the day. I’m assuming the leaders of the race-activists know how hard it is for their ilk to behave and didn’t want them causing an incident with the Patriots on camera, and there were plenty of news people.

They tried to interview several of us and Georgine told them we wouldn’t do any interviews until after the rally at 8:15.

During the rally, several people passing by honked their horns in support of us, and of course, several people gave us the finger.

There was one strange white guy who was at the far end of the rally, waving a Mexican flag and singing “God bless America”. The press swarmed him and spoke with him for a bit. At the other far end of the rally were several bare-chested students (?) (Male unfortunately) who were offering free donuts. They were holding a sign that read “Democratic Party, Republican Party Donut Party”. I have no idea what their deal was.

Other than that, at least as far as I could see the Rally was uneventful. We got our point across and we weren’t attacked.


On one of the online articles about the event, one fool claimed in the comments section that wearing a t-shirt with an image of The Flag on it violated the rules for display of The Flag. I told the mindless idiot that only applied to making a t-shirt of an actual flag.



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