Monday, December 15, 2008

A Real Republican Revolution

The last election is evidence that there needs to be a serious purge of the RINOs who infest the Republican Party. I mean a Stalin-like purge, not with the violence but with the same intensity of Stalin’s purges.

The RINOs have been an influence in the Republican Party since the 50’s, though they seem to have fully taken control in the past 20-30 years.

RINOs can also be called Country Club Republicans and they look down on those who hold to true Conservative principles and pretty much consider us the unwashed masses.

My hatred of these pukes has been brewing for years and has started to boil over after seeing the way some of the RINOs have treated true Conservative (so far) Sarah Palin. Some of them have the nerve to blame her for arch-RINO McCain loosing the election.

Many Republicans (such as me, for which I’ve sincerely repented) ONLY voted for McCain because Palin was on the ticket.

What needs to be done is to purge any “Republican” politician who doesn’t adhere to the main planks of the Republican Party Platform.

Obviously any “Republican” who supports a Demoncratic candidate, except for the most extreme circumstances should be purged.

I think most true Republicans would see the main points as being; a strong national defense, smaller government, pro-gun rights, anti-abortion, traditional families (i.e., no homosexual “marriage”), and rejecting the global “warming” nonsense.

By “purge” I mean, any “Republican” who goes against any two and definitely any three of the above positions would receive no support or endorsement from the official Republican Party and no official Republican Party representative will refer to the individual as a “Republican”.

Perhaps the Platform can be updated to clearly state the above positions, or if the RINOs manage to remove some of those main issues, true Conservatives can break away from the Party and form another party.

Whatever we do, this has to change. Otherwise we’ll either get more Obamas, or RINOs who would be no different from an Obama or a Clinton or Kennedy.

Just a thought.




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