Friday, June 12, 2009

Abortionist Reaps What he has Sown

An Abortionist Reaps What He Has Sown

The killing of “Killer” Tiller is no cause for celebration. His killing (I refuse to call it a “murder”) only gives the savages more ammunition to bash the anti-abortion movement.

I personally prefer the term “anti-abortion’ to “pro-life”. As any pro-abortion person will tell you is that many of the people who call themselves pro-life support the death penalty. Now to any thinking person (which of course rules out most liberals) that isn’t the contradiction of beliefs that the pro-abortion mob would have you believe. A thinking person would instead see the major contradiction on the pro-abortion side, most of whom oppose the death penalty, but more about that in a later post.

Upon hearing about the killing of George (killer) Tiller (I refuse to call him “doctor”. Doctors save lives) a friend of mine expressed his pleasure over the killing. He feels the killing of this mass murderer was a fitting punishment and hopes no jury will convict the shooter. We both found it ironic and more than a little disgusting that a mass abortionist (Killer Tiller claims he’s done nearly 60,000 abortions) would for one, feel comfortable in a church and two, that a church would make him feel comfortable. One would think that the pastor, a deacon or even an average, pew-sitting member would mention to Tiller that “thou shalt not murder” is one of the Ten Commandments.

I don’t think that Tiller’s death is any big loss and have no doubt that he’s now convinced of the evil of his ways, but in the long run Tiller’s killing will hurt, not only the anti-abortion effort, but the Conservative Movement in general.

This short-sighted act allows the left to more easily claim (falsely, of course) that any Conservative activist is plotting and waiting to kill an abortionist, queer or illegal alien. Already left-wing activists, namely so-called extremist/militia-watchdog, left-wing media (read: “mainstream” media) groups and B. Hussein Obama’s DHS are calling for the “Right-Wing” to be scrutinized more.


Because of the Tiller’s killing, things will be much harder on legitimate Conservative activists.



Anonymous Raven said...

I disagree with only one thing on this particular post. It's how you can feel strange about him sitting in Church and quote the ten commandments. You have to take into consideration forgiveness, which is a major point in the bible. Otherwise, good job and keep up the work. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I didn't know anyone other than me was actually reading this blog.



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