Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Arlen Spectre Returns Home

Arlen Spectre crossing over to the dark side isn’t a matter of him “defecting” it’s the case of an enemy operative finally returning home.

I think the only reason the RINO puke switched from the DNC 40 years ago is because he could do more damage to the Republican Party from the inside. As a “Republican” he’s often sided with the enemy in his senate votes.

Ironically, probably the only reason he’s still in office is because Bush Jr. supported him in the Pennsylvania primary. There was a real Republican running in the primary, but Bush Jr. instead backed the RINO.

Almost immediately upon taking office, Spectre went against Bush Jr. on his war policy.

I suspect Bush Jr. may not be as incompetent as he lets on and may be in fact, one of “them”.

Human Events Magazine placed Spectre as #3 in a list of Top Ten RINOs (Republican In Name Only), the top two on the list being Lincoln Chaffee (R.I.) and Olympia Snow (Ma). (I don’t see how McCain failed to make the list)

Spectre claims his reason for leaving the Party is because the GOP is “moving too far to the Right”, a claim which sounds demented or drug induced considering the Republican Party chose notorious RINO John McCain as its presidential candidate.

Spectre’s true reason for “defecting” is because the Republican voters in Pennsylvania are (finally) starting to figure out he isn’t, nor ever was one of them. A recent Pennsylvania poll shows that 66% of Republican voters want to dump him in the next election in favor of a real Republican.

Spectre was one of the three “Republicans” to support B. Hussein Obama’s trillion dollar bailout plan.

The GOP shouldn’t be upset over Spectre’s “defection” and instead should welcome his departure. Not only should his departure be welcomed, it should have been encouraged….no, DEMANDED years ago.

Hopefully Snowe, Chaffee and McCain and all the other RINOs will follow him.



Less than a week after Spectre "defected" The Democrats sold him out by stripping him of his seniority. Apparently, there's no honor among Reds.

Is anyone else as laughing their butts of over Spectre being sold out by the same people he's been selling out to for over 30 years


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