Sunday, June 27, 2010

“Peace” People Promote Pro-Palestinian Propaganda

Last Friday, 25 June 2010, I attended discussion on “Palestinian” issues given at the “Peace” Resource Center in Seaside, California.

The “Peace” Resource Center is associated with the “Peace” Coalition of Monterey County PCMC. I use “peace” in quotation marks because these people aren’t as much concerned about “Peace” as they are about promoting their Socialist/Marxist agenda.

You’ll find that “peace” activists throughout the years have NEVER said anything against atrocities committed by communist governments or the Communist terrorist/revolutionary groups they sponsor and they will ALWAYS take a position against This Country and Our allies.

I didn’t peruse the books in their bookcases, but one book prominently displayed was one of Noam Chomsky’s books and there was a poster of Hugo Chavez, the Marxist dictator of Venezuela.

I’ve attended at least two discussions put on by the PCMC where the speakers were singing the praises of Fidel Castro and his Communist policies, policies they want to put in place in This Country.

I’ve often attended meetings put on by this group because there was a time when I liked to hear what the enemy was saying. I don’t attend as often as I used to. One, I know where they stand on nearly every issue. Two, most of their meetings are on days when I work and three, I really, REALLY despise these “people”, sometimes to the point of barely considering them human beings and I generally can only take so much of their drivel.

Tonight’s discussion centered on Palestine-born author Susan Abulhawa who wrote a book titled “Mornings in Jenin” (original working Title: “Scar of David”)

Considering the discussion was given at the “Peace” Resource Center and that it was being led by a “Palestinian”, I was expecting the usual anti-Israel rhetoric common among their ilk. I wasn’t disappointed.

Much of the discussion was about IDF invasion of the Jenin refugee camp from 3-11 April 2002. Regurgitating the usual left-wing propaganda about the invasion, Bulhawa accuses the IDF of committing a “massacre” in Jenin, and scoffs at reports of Jenin being a hotbed of terrorism. Perhaps calling Jenin a hotbed of terrorism would not be entirely accurate. Israel’s concern was not terrorism in Jenin, it was the terrorism exported from Jenin into Israel.

From October 2000 until the invasion there were 23 suicide attacks against Israel with another five attempted attacks. The IDF captured a document written by the Fatah terrorist group that called Jenin the “martyr’s” (suicide bombers) capital.

Oddly enough, (or not) Abulhawa doesn’t mention any of this. Nor does she mention that after Hamas and other Leftist groups claimed 300-400 Palestinians were killed, only about 55 were confirmed killed, only about seven of the dead were civilians.

Laughably, Abulhawa and other Leftists at the meeting whined about the “pro-Israel bias” in the media. Abulhawa also whined about how “Palestinians” are looked on by much of the world as terrorists. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the many acts of terrorism committed by “Palestinian” Muslims.

What was perhaps the most offensive part of this discussion was how Abulhawa and some of the other Liberals attending compared the treatment of Palestinians to the mass extermination of Jews during WWII. I don’t recall any reports of “Palestinians” being systematically murdered, but perhaps that’s because to the pro-Israel “bias” of the media.

I could go on about this discussion, but if you’ve ever heard or read anti-Israel propaganda, then you’ve probably heard everything else that was said at this meeting before.

I’ve written before that I’ve attended several meetings but on by the PCMC and others of their ilk, so often some of the people there know me and they also know that I’m not one of them.

One of the attendees, an American white woman who converted to Islam (A woman voluntarily converting to Islam is about as logical as a Jew converting to Islam, or a Colored person converting to Mormonism) asked me what I thought about the discussion. I told her it was pretty much what I expected, a bunch of Liberals making excuses for terrorists.

She made several mocking comments about “those bad terrorists”. I asked her several times if she thought terrorism i.e. the 9-11 attacks (Which I do think was committed by Muslims and not Bush and Cheney) was a bad thing and she asked me if I was afraid of them.

She continued on with the usual Liberal talking points about the 9-11 attacks being committed by Saudis so why are we killing children in Iraq, claiming the drone strikes were killing woman and children, etc. I pointed out that we aren’t killing civilians on purpose and that there is a difference (To sane people) between intentionally targeting civilians and attacking terrorists and accidentally killing civilians as a result.

But I tend to not spend too much time arguing with fools because people may get the two of you confused.


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