Friday, July 09, 2010

Wild West Justice: The Antidote for Rioters

Last night, after a white former BART police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of a black ex-convict, thugs in Oakland and surrounding East Bay cities did as they are wont to do when they don’t get their way, they rioted.

For those of you who live out of the area, Oakland generally has more than 100 murders each year. Most of the victims and perpetrators are black. One would think that would be more of a reason to get upset and take some kind of action (Action other than rioting that is.) rather than getting upset over the accidental shooting of an ex con.

Yes I said accidental. Many people in the SF Bay area and especially the usual collection of Far-Left, race-bating activists think (or rather feel, because I don’t think most Left-Wing activists put much “thought” into their conclusions about the verdict) the former officer should have been convicted of murder.

One over-emotional, common-sense deficient writer went as far to claim the black ex-con was “executed” by the officer.

The officer claims he thought he was holding his taser when he shot the hood. For the record, I personally think the officer, who claimed the ex-con was reaching into his pocket, knew he was holding his pistol but accidentally shot him while he was struggling with him, which of course still falls into the definition of manslaughter rather than murder.

It’s hard for me, or any other rational person to think a police officer would intentionally murder someone with dozens of people and cameras witnessing the event.

The family of the ex-con sniveled that there were no blacks on the jury. Apparently the ex-con’s family never heard that the object in selecting a jury is to get a fair trial and not to make getting a conviction easier.

If I were the former officer’s lawyer, I would do my best to make sure there were no blacks on the jury either and ESPECIALLY no blacks from Oakland or Los Angeles.

Looking at some videos of the rioting the thugs didn’t appear to be all that upset to begin with. Hoodlums were laughing and cheering as they were entering stores, stealing property and lighting fires. Generally, when I get upset, I don’t go off looting and vandalizing other people’s property, especially if they have nothing to do with why I’m upset. But then again, I guess I just don’t have that Oakland mentality.

The rioting thugs just used the opportunity to do as part of a mob what they wouldn’t do on their own.

I was somewhat amused by the Oakland police chief who said during a press conference he was “disappointed” by the actions of the rioters and that "This city is not the wild, wild west". Obviously not, in the old west (which wasn’t really all that wild in most places) shop owners and posses armed citizens would have blasted the thugs out of their boots as soon as they broke a window, or tried to steal something from their business.

Perhaps if we were to employ some of that “Wild, Wild West” justice, hoodlums wouldn’t be as prone to riot.




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